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I am stumped

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Shyster, Oct 27, 2005.

  1. Shyster

    Shyster Private E-2

    Ok, I have a desktop running XP Pro SP2, and two laptops running XP Home SP2. The desktop has the cable internet connection through Comcast. I have a D-Link router which I connected the ethernet wire to my desktop into line 1 of the router, and connected another ethernet wire into the modem provided by Comcast into the WAN that is in back of the router. I turn on my desktop and can not connect to the internet? I ran the wireless network setup wizard and that did not help. I want my two laptops to share the desktop internet, but first I am trying to figure out why the desktop is not connecting. Can someone help me out, thanks.
  2. fishkake

    fishkake Private E-2

    OK, OK, back up and calm down...

    Forget the laptops. They don't exist. Not yet anyway. Now tell me about the desktop.

    Do you have this:

    PC --------- Ethernet modem ---------- ADSL socket / cable line


    If so, you first need to configure your modem / router. After this you should be able to Share the connection on the desktop and all the laptops in the world can use its internet connection. Well, all the laptops on your network anyway.

    Next, is this an Ethernet MODEM or an ethernet MODEM ROUTER? The difference is that with a modem, you can only connect one PC. This is fine for your needs, as long as the desktop is never switched off. If you have a Modem router, then you can plug your wireless routerinto the modem router and everybody can have access withottu a PC running.

    Give me more info, horsemaster, and I shall give you mine.

  3. Shyster

    Shyster Private E-2

    If I am understanding this correctly then yes my PC is connected to a ethernet cable modem.
  4. Shyster

    Shyster Private E-2

    I have to go to work I will be back to figure this out,thanks.

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