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I hate you Weatherman (or woman)

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Major Attitude, May 9, 2009.

  1. Major Attitude

    Major Attitude Co-Owner MajorGeeks.Com Staff Member

    /Rant on

    So... the weather here was supposed to be 5 days of on and off scattered showers. 1 meterologist actually said great time to plant things because you won't need to water. Given the forecast and all I had to do, I agreed. So, I spent 3 - 12 hour days, to the point I could not walk, planting trees, bushes, and other plants. I also trucked in about 3 yards of dirt, overseeded and put straw down.

    So, we have thunderstorms come in and flood the area 2 days ago. Now, it did it again tonight. Oh, and 70 MPH winds. It has 3 of my 5 new trees almost sideways and combined with double flooding, I risk losing 5 trees at 130 bucks a pop. One higher area of my lot lost all the straw I put down. My Peonies are blowing all over. My bushes are smaller and can tolerate it.

    Seriously, you have to go to school for this crap? Double thunderstorms, even lightning and now high winds? How can you NOT see that coming? 70 friggin miles per hour???

    I am sick and tired of these idiotic weatherpeople explaining all the different things on the weather map and how they work. Look, your not even sure, so why do I care about the details of your sloppy work?

    Here are my suggestions in case you thought this was all rant and no substance;

    1: Shut up. Show me the satellite and I will guess myself.
    2: Tell us the weather. Skip the details, we don't care.

    /Rant off

    For now.
  2. Kestrel13!

    Kestrel13! Super Malware Fighter - Major Dilemma Staff Member

    I never believe the weather people, they ALWAYS get it wrong [​IMG]

    sorry to hear that :(

    Most accurate and reliable forecast to listen to here in UK is on the radio, it's the old farmer's forecast. Can never usually go wrong with that one.
  3. Mimsy

    Mimsy Superior Imperial Queen of the MG Games Forum

    Oh no..! :(

    I've had the same thing happen, and words can't explain the pain and anger at losing that kind of money, not to mention all the work spent. Crossing my fingers and hoping for the best for your trees... I managed to save some (sadly not all) of mine by replanting them at the first opportunity and giving the roots fertilizer and the younger trees some structural support. A couple of them did take root again, and with some help and care they eventually survived. Maybe you can save at least some of yours? I'm crossing my fingers for you, and your trees!
  4. LauraR

    LauraR MajorGeeks Super-Duper Administrator Staff Member

    The only profession that gets paid (a lot) for being right only a small percentage of the time. rolleyes

    I planted 20 plants (thought I wouldn't be able to walk the next day) on Thursday. I think we got your weather, MA. ;)
  5. joey off the street

    joey off the street Lounge Lizard No.1

    Sorry to hear that, Tim. Being a keen gardener, I know how hard it is to work for hours then have everything undone by lousy weather. In the north of England we can still get frost in May, killing or setting back tender plants. Got to trust to luck a lot of the time.

    Weather forecasters? Pah! They are famed in this country for bollocksing it up. Even our local radio forecast is pish. And it ain't a huge place to focus on.

    Found this if anyone is interested.


    And this is an excerpt from it:

    May 2009

    Avg. Temperature: 64.5° (2.5° above avg.)
    Precipitation: 1" (3" below avg.)
    May. 1-2: Sunny, hot
    May.3-9: T-storms, then sunny, seasonable
    May. 10-15: Showers, then sunny, warm
    May. 16-20: Scattered t-storms, warm
    May. 21-24: Sunny, cool
    May. 25-31: Scattered t-storms, cool

    Looks pretty accurate. (assuming you're in that area, MA. New Yorker, right?). Maybe see how the rest of the forecast pans out and decide for yourselves.

    Where's that then, Kes?
  6. tonyhale

    tonyhale Lounge Lizard No.2

    Use the old country folk sayings, they are usually the best method of forecasting.
  7. Phantom

    Phantom Brigadier Britches

    I feel your pain, Tim. The Meteorologists have been forecasting "A few scattered showers" every few days for months. Bah! It's now near the end of Autumn, and still no friggin' rain for the last three months!:mad So, now the gardens are near dead, and the sun still beats down relentlessly, though I admit it's not too hot at this time of year.

    So why don't I just water you may ask? Well, apart from the fact that we have permanent water restrictions enforced, if one knew the cost of water in these parts, you wouldn't need to askrolleyes. It wouldn’t be so much of a problem if I could actually rely on the weather forecast to plan my watering. But that is asking too much, so it seems.

    So, I'm done with my lil' rant, too, LoL! ~ Hope you manage to save yer trees.
  8. Major Attitude

    Major Attitude Co-Owner MajorGeeks.Com Staff Member

    Works great... if you get a lot of sunny days. We do not. Syracuse, NY USA.

  9. bigtrucks

    bigtrucks MajorGeek

    That's what I use for weather that and noaa.gov http://radar.weather.gov/Conus/northeast_loop.php I'll use http://www.weather.com/?from=gn_logo_welcome for radar map and 2-3 day forecast and compare to what the old farmer has to say.

    @ MA
    Sorry to hear about the damage done and I do know the frustrations it can cause, I've also been there. Only I didn't loose that much in finance, as I started a lot of mine from cuttings,seeds or picked up what others Thought were dead. If I lived closer I'd be right over to give you a hand. Some trees are easier putting in from scratch then they are to re dig and straighten. I'm sure you can save the majority of them, just don't work yourself too much.
  10. solaris89

    solaris89 First Sergeant

    I have to agree with the general uselessness of the average local television weather person. They just had one here retire that had been on the air since 1963 or so, and he spent more time in his garden than in front of a map. The weather here in Florida is fickle as heck, clear and sunny one minute and a monsoon five minutes later. I learned from working for star that you learn how to read radar and come to your own conclusions.

    And having a link like this helps:

  11. Weathermann

    Weathermann Private First Class

    I have my own weather station, read my own data and the skies and make up my own conclusion onto what the weather will be like. I'm a weather observer/storm spotter, not a forecaster. :major
  12. Recycle Bin

    Recycle Bin Private First Class

    The meteorologist are more like puppets for the weather and not the puppet master :-D

    But you damn weather people ruined my strawberry plants with your LIES!
  13. dyamond

    dyamond Imelda Marcos of Majorgeeks

    I will join in with your ranting :-D

    It seems as they are always wrong.. they projected warm & sunny days and we got nothing but cold & rain.. for almost an entire month :boxing

    Last friday & saturday they said it was supposed to rain but it didn't, it was warm and sunny! shows how much they know rolleyes

    Sorry about your trees MA :( I hope you were able to salvage them.
  14. augiedoggie

    augiedoggie The Canadian Loon - LocoAugie (R.I.P. 2012)

    Well MA, I guess you won't be a farmer then as they always have to be the eternal optimists for their livelihood. It's too bad you lost out this year man, I know the feeling. Perhaps doctors should lose the 'practicing' term and donate that term to the meteorologists eh? Caveat emptor!

    I hope you get a break and they survive.:)
  15. silas

    silas MajorGeek

    Where I live in in the mix of two states. I use the other states channel for my weather.. Farther away but years ago they invested and got the best around here.. more radars and etc.. and they got a bet if there +3 or -3 or more off from temp they pay so much each day.. also for weather they are very quick and fast with the bad weather.. and not to much off by any means.
  16. Mimsy

    Mimsy Superior Imperial Queen of the MG Games Forum

    Why do you think the oldest known deities are about harvest and weather control...?

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