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I want to improve performance, hardware suggestions?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by screamingcheeto, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. screamingcheeto

    screamingcheeto Private E-2

    Hey everyone, I have a Compaq SR5050NX desktop with Vista Premium. Here's a link to the specs: http://review.zdnet.com/desktops/hp-compaq-presario-sr5050nx/4507-3118_16-32399105.html?tag=ut

    I want to know what I should look to upgrade first to improve overall loading times and performance for everyday stuff. I just want my browser to run a bit faster and programs to load faster. I also play some games like WarRock. Basically just upgrade the performance. I know by the computer performance utility that my graphics power is the weakest part, so would I want to do that first, since I know Vista can take up a lot of video memory resources? If someone could suggest some hardware I should get that will boost the performance, I'd be thankful.

  2. screamingcheeto

    screamingcheeto Private E-2


  3. ericnumnutz

    ericnumnutz Private E-2

    I couldnt tell by the specs how much ram your unit was built with. it also looks like the most you can put in it is 2gb. most systems today you can max out at 4gb. anyway I would def want the 2gb so if your unit came with 1 I would upgrade that. you also want a video card with at least 256mb of memory as well. hope this helps
  4. MickeyRoush

    MickeyRoush Specialist

    Since you're currently using integrated graphics, yuk, and you have a PCI-E X16 Slot, I would suggest upgraded to one of the video cards from here:

    There are lots to choose from, but basically these are all PCI-E X16, Nividia Chipset, 256MB. Prices very and so do manufacturers.

    You can also see customer reviews. Maybe that can help you decide on which one. I like quite a few of them so I can't really pick one for you.

    But from my experiencing upgrading on your style of Compaq, I must tell you those cases are not the best for cooling. If you get a video card, make sure it has ample cooling. Maybe even add a case fan or slot fan.

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