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I was wondering what this was....

Discussion in 'Software' started by S o G, Jan 3, 2004.

  1. S o G

    S o G Private E-2

    ClrSchP039.exe It poped up wanting net access and zone alarm pro reported it.
    what is it?
    i keep doing a search online, and it doesn't show up in any process list archives.
  2. Kodo


    it's nothing that I recognize.. have you scanned for viruses lately?
  3. S o G

    S o G Private E-2


    yes i have, and i got real time protection running on my norton antivirus coporate edition.
    its not picking any thing up.
    think its spyware?
    i went to a site clalled geoshock, and it tried poping up alot of ad's.
  4. Kodo


  5. Endi

    Endi Lt. Links

  6. Kodo


  7. S o G

    S o G Private E-2

    yep thats it

    spyboy S&D picked it up and removed it.
    thanks guys:)
  8. Endi

    Endi Lt. Links

    another spy bites the dust :D
  9. S o G

    S o G Private E-2

    *pulls out colt*

    BOOM!, yep it does. had a bunch of nasty ones, that site geoshock tried to download so many.
    i love spybot and adaware:)
    thanks again guys.

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