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I'd Like To Purchase A New Power Supply Unit [I Don't Know Anything About Them - SOS]

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by superstar, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. superstar

    superstar Command Sergeant Major

    Good afternoon,

    I've been meaning to get a new psu for quite some time now. I built my first computer two years ago and purchased a no name brand generic 450watt psu for $20. I needed it at the time just to build my system and test things out before getting comfortable. I was going to replace it with something better and a bit more reliable long ago but I guess I got "too comfortable".

    My psu still works but I don't trust it now that I have quite a bit of expensive hardware in my pc. During the process of building my pc I purchased a lot of expensive equipment such as my $400 sound card, $200 rare cpu, and other such things. I also attach a lot of expensive hardware to my usb ports every now and than such as my 500GB Seagate Free Agent Pro backup drive, or 80GB I Pod.

    As mentioned my psu still works to this day, but I am beginning to lose confidence in it. For starters every time I open the side of my pc case to blow off any internal dust the psu begins to howl when I boot it up for the first time. The howl lasts about 1-2 minutes and than goes away never to be heard from again. I can than go on my pc day in and day out restarting and turning it off without a problem. It will not make that sound until I go off and dust the inside of my pc again with a can of compressed air, and than reboot for the first time. I was told that this may be dust collecting in the bearings of the psu fan trying to spit it's way out because I probably blow the can of compressed air around too much. I was also told by someone that it could be some type of residue the can of compressed air leaves behind that my psu does not like and tries to spew out!

    Nevertheless it has occurred to me that the explanations my close confidant suggested may be wrong. The reason being because my psu howls during other instances such as when I unplug my pc for over 30 minutes, and when I move my pc around. I'm a bit weary of this psu and really want to change it. The lights go out in my area a lot and brownouts occur as well. I know I need a UPS box too but first things first no?

    Anyways the psu in my pc is 450watts so I'd like to get the same wattage if possible since I find no reason to have more [my pc runs fine as it is]. It also has to be a 20 pin psu because my motherboard doesn't take anything else. I have absolutely no idea what psu I should get. I have no knowledge whatsoever when it comes to psu's. To be honest I'm lost!! I don't even know which brand names are the best and which ones to stay away from. I'm hoping more than one of you can suggest a very good psu that can last me a long time. One that would be reliable and handle bad electrical currents and problems due to the air conditioner at home turning on or heater if possible. Now I know that's more of a job for an UPS box but I hear some psus filter out bad stuff which is what I want. I also hear some are good agaisnt surges and power outs. Oh and one more thing IT MUST BE A VERY VERY VERY QUIET PSU BECAUSE I AM AN AUDIO ENGINEER WHO RECORDS AUDIO IN THE VERY SAME ROOM MY PC IS IN. Any noises will be recorded when I'm working [even a snap of a finger]. So it is very important that I get one that is as silent as possible [it doesn't have to have so many fans inside - one seems like enough].

    BUDGET: $50-$100 MAX

    Here go my pc specs in case your wondering what's under the hood:

    HP Vectra VL400
    Lin Lin Socket Adapter
    P3 Socket 370 (Tualatin 1.4Ghz)
    512MB PC133 Infineon Sdram
    80GB Western Digital IDE Hard Drive
    120GB Western Digital IDE Hard Drive
    10GB Maxtor IDE Hard Drive
    500GB Seagate Free Agent Pro External Usb/Esata Hard Drive
    LG Dual Layer DVD-RAM +/-/R/RW (x2)
    Windows Xp Home w/Service Pack 2
    ATI Sapphire Radeon 9550 256MB 128Bit AGP4X V+D+T
    M Audiophile 192 Professional Sound Card
    HP Ultra VGA 1280 17'' CRT Monitor
    Deer 450 Watt PSU w/20/24 Pin Connector
    Mad Catz Analog Joystick USB Pc Controller
    Cooler Master Silent Led Light Fans (x3)
    Mutant Mods Acrylic Atx/Micro Atx Case

    Thank you very much for your time soldiers!

  2. usafveteran

    usafveteran MajorGeek

    Re: I'd Like To Purchase A New Power Supply Unit [I Don't Know Anything About Them -

    newegg.com has a super rebate deal on this one now: Antec earthwatts EA430 ATX12V v2.0 430W Power Supply 100 . I'll also mention one of the brand I've been using for 11 months now: FSP Group (Fortron Source) AX450-PN ATX12V 450W Power Supply. Both have good reviews, which I suggest you read and search for comments on noise level, since that's a major concern in your case.

    Both units have 20+4 pin power cords for the motherboard, so they'll work with either a 20 pin motherboard or 24 pin.
  3. superstar

    superstar Command Sergeant Major

    Re: I'd Like To Purchase A New Power Supply Unit [I Don't Know Anything About Them -

    You listed those but did not mention why I should get them and what they offer to protect or run my pc with clean energy. Remember I don't know smack about psus...
  4. usafveteran

    usafveteran MajorGeek

    Re: I'd Like To Purchase A New Power Supply Unit [I Don't Know Anything About Them -

    I really think you need a UPS. The kind of protection you're talking about goes beyond what a PSU is normally designed for; the ability to provide a constant, smooth source of power, even for some period of time during a complete power outage is a UPS function, not something a PSU can do. There must be a battery involved and that's where the UPS comes in.
  5. superstar

    superstar Command Sergeant Major

    Re: I'd Like To Purchase A New Power Supply Unit [I Don't Know Anything About Them -

    Yes but I still need a good psu to go along with an UPS. & prior to buying the UPS I need to purchase a new psu to replace this old cheap one in my pc. What are the best brand names to look for, and what's the most important thing to look for when buying a psu?

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