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I'm looking for "Copy if newer" and "file forwarding" apps for XP?

Discussion in 'Software' started by On edge, Jan 27, 2008.

  1. On edge

    On edge Corporal

    Does anyone know of a way, or program that would add a "Copy if newer" option to the right click menu?

    What about an application that would forward files from one folder to another? (I have some issues with saving directly to my flash drive with some programs, so I'm wondering if I could just forward to it -and overwrite an existing file when applicable).
  2. On edge

    On edge Corporal

    I haven't found a "copy if newer" right-click add-on menu application, but I'm sure one must exist.

    For the forwarding application, I found several backup or mirroring programs that could work, but they aren't free. Does anyone know of a freeware alternative to Folder Mirror, IBM Tivoli CDP (continuous data protection), or other similar programs that maintain real-time backups or images of selected folders?

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