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I'm not as stupid as I look,,,

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by como pontliana, Jan 13, 2007.

  1. como pontliana

    como pontliana Private E-2

    How do I connect my DellDimension 3000 computer to my television? There seems not to be be any video out puts...do I need a video card...and yes I AM somewhat computer illiterate...Thanks!!!
  2. Rikky

    Rikky Wile E. Coyote - One of a kind

    Welcome to the forum:D you'll have to check if your video card has an svideo output if not as you say you'll need a video card with one,that simple:)
  3. viper_boy403

    viper_boy403 MajorGeek

    s-video=black circle port next to where you plug your monitor into the back your computer

    welcome to the site :major:

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