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Install problem 2 games diff. comp.

Discussion in 'Software' started by Den, Dec 23, 2003.

  1. Den

    Den Private First Class

    I am getting an error when trying to install unreal 2 and max payne 2 on two different machines with win xp pro on both. One install is one year old the other install two days old on two different computers. I am getting the same error when trying to install either or both games. Both these games have been installed on the one year old system before and worked fine.
    Error says
    max payne 2 game =
    component - main
    file group - main
    file - 1:\data2 cab
    error - data error ( recylic redundancy check )

    unreal 2 game =
    component - main app.
    file group - app. executables
    file - d:\data2 cab
    error - data error ( cyclic redundancy check )
    Anyone ever see this problem before. Appreciate any ideas.
  2. Kodo


    CRC errors on two separate machines.. check the cd, make sure it's not scratched up..
  3. Den

    Den Private First Class


    Update = Not scratched cd I found remnants of the old install on the one year old comp. Removed all. Then installed max payne 2 and it did ok. I was apparently getting that error because of the remnants from previous install. But the new system has no previous install of thes games. So I now have the problem on only one comp. the new install two days old with service pack 1 and all critical but no regular updates installed. Thanks
  4. Kodo


    well, you're also getting that on unreal.. strange that you'd get a CRC error from previously installed files especially when the crc error is pointing to your cd-rom drive. CRC errors are file corruption errors. Could be bad CD (though you checked that) , bad transfer of data, bad hardware that transfers and writes the data.. i.e. cables, Hard Drives, Cd_Rom drives and other devices involved in this. Your removing of the older files seems more coincidental than anything else.
  5. General_Lee_Stoned

    General_Lee_Stoned BuZZed Lightyear

    i agree with kodo crc errors usually means corrupt data and if your sure cds are ok must be hardware have you tried installing any other games

    also are these originals or back up cds as this is common problem with some cd rewriters not makin compatible discs with all drives
  6. Den

    Den Private First Class

    I am going to try 1 more game in the new xp install comp. and see what happens. No they are not backups all original no scratches. I am also now having a problem with the turtle beach sound card. It is begining to look like a wipeout and reinstall will be less trouble than messing with it. Thanks
  7. Den

    Den Private First Class

    Next update = I have just learned the true value of making backup copies of my games. When holding the game disk so the light glared on each one. I could see verry fine fingerprints and marks on them. After cleaning them as best I could I installed those two and two more games with no trouble at all. So the game install problem is done. Thanks for the help on that. Now for the second problem of the turtle beach sound card. I think I should just remove the software and drivers to do with the card and try reinstalling fresh. If this sounds reasonable then should I remove everything to do with it also from device manager and let it redetect it . If that is so then which ones or should I remove all from device manager. Here is a list under
    + Sound,vidio and game controllers
    Audio Codecs
    Legacy Audio Drivers
    Legacy Vidio Capture Drivers
    Media Control Devices
    Santa Cruz
    Santa Cruz Game Port
    Santa Cruz wdm Interface
    Unimodem Half Duplex Audio Device
    Vidio Codecs
  8. General_Lee_Stoned

    General_Lee_Stoned BuZZed Lightyear

    is there an entry in add-remove programs for the drivers etc that came with the card you can then uninstall from there reboot windows should then find new hardware where you can reinstall the drivers by following the on screen prompts also if using the drivers that came with the card they are often outdated by the time they hit the shops so might pay to check the manufactuors website for the latest ones

    as for the cds i always back up my games, the money they cost and 3 kids in the house is a bad mix
  9. Muad Dib

    Muad Dib Private E-2

    I just did the same dance with My Santa Cruz installation. I'm sure I had a different set of problems. First I had an on-board SoundMax Integrated Audio without an Add/Remove Program entry. I had to remove the the primary entry in the Device Manager, Soundmax Integrated Digital Audio, reboot and immediately disable it in the BIOS to keep XP from re-installing it.

    I then installed the Santa Cruz (Driver Setup option, on mine that also included the Santa Cruz Control Panel and Sound Check, which was all I wanted as I have Sound Forge/NR/CD Architect for audio editing).

    As an experiment I had also disabled all other sound related entries in the "Sound, video and game controllers" but wound up re-enabling all of them as they are Win interfaces not hardware components of the physical sound card.

    So for comparison to your list my "Sound, video and game controllers" expansion listing includes:

    - Audio Codecs
    - Legacy Audo Drivers
    - Legacy Video Capture Devices
    - Media Control Devices
    - MPU-401 Compatible MIDI Device
    - Santa Cruz(tm)
    - Santa Cruz(tm) Game Port
    - Santa Cruz(tm) WDM Interface
    - Standard Game Port
    - Unimodem Half-Duplex Audio Device
    - Video Codecs

    I still had some crackling so...... The doc set that came with my retail Santa Cruz was a little lacking, IMO. They should have stressed it in bold letters:

    The Santa Cruz requires its own IRQ, period.

    It makes sense, but it should have been the first point stressed in troubleshooting, without having to resort to their web-site. Windows XP, in my case wanted to give it the universally shared IRQ9. Not good. Also PCI slot choice is critical - read on.

    I had one free IRQ (12) reserved for my PS2 port. And since I use a USB wireless Logitech mouse I was able to use that. IRQ12 had to be assigned in BIOS to the PCI slot # the Santa Cruz was in, preferably the one farthest away from the power supply/video card (PCI #3 in my case). WHILE WE ARE ON THE SUBJECT....PCI slot #1 next to an AGP card slot, if you have one, cannot be used, as the AGP and PCI slot #1 always share an interrupt (no don't quote me check the TBSC web site for details).

    Hope this helps. It's fresh to me since I just did it about a week ago (Santa Claus brought me a Santa Cruz).

    Other than a few false starts on install, I am happy with the sound card. Without going to a pro card ($$$) it was a good bang (crystal clear in fact!) for the buck in sound quality for me.

    Happy new year!

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