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Internal Speaker on Lenovo ThinkCentre

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by JJz, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. JJz

    JJz Private E-2


    Hello all. I have a bit of a weird problem. On my lenovo thinkcentre desktop I have an internal speaker that I use at work. Well I guess it is part of the system. Anywho my internal speaker just stopped working. I was doing a system update and my power went out and...well my computer died. So I then took it to my local PC guys and they got me going again. The only weird thing is, is that when I took my computer home, my internal speaker was not working. I then tried my wife's external speakers and it is working jsut fine. Does anyone have any idea on what is happening to my computer?

    Also when it is just my internal speaker, my realtek sound mngr says that there is no output sound device installed. But when the external speakers are plugged in, it works no problem, no error.

    I need all of the help I can get with this one.


  2. Kaddock

    Kaddock Private E-2

    Is it possible that the repair guys may have unplugged your internal sound and forgot to plug back in? Have you looked in your tower? :major

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