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internet explorer using too much memory

Discussion in 'Software' started by sradwxi, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. sradwxi

    sradwxi Private First Class

    hey guys, ive been having this problem for a while and whatever i do i cant sort it, it was the same on both ie8 and now ie9, iexplore is using 50-99% of my physical memory all the time its open, i have 3 tabs as my home page, ebayuk, aol mail and google.com, as soon as they open it slows right down, sometimes it will actually freeze for a few minutes, sometimes also i have to restart to sort it, ive had a kill iexplore tool at one point to help me close it
    ive tried reinstalling etc, ive also completely reformatted the laptop, ive also tried running it with no add ons and it still happens
    running vista home basic with all available updates and service packs
    im running 1gb memory,
    not very many startup programs, ive disabled most of them during diagnostics
    as im typing i can see 230mb memory free on smart ram tool from advanced systemcare, this regularly drops down to 70 or 40 free memory
    windows resource monitor shows
    iexplore.exe pid/36336 hard faults/1 commit kb/76392 working set kb/80944 shareable kb/29132 private kb/51876
    im sure this is the problem one
    there are 3 instances of iexplore running although i only have 2 tabs open, is this normal?
    how can i reduce the memory used by ie 8 or 9
    any help would be gratefully received
  2. satrow

    satrow Major Geek Extraordinaire

    Well Carl, my first thought is that 1GB of RAM is nowhere near enough to run Vista efficiently, 2GB is marginal on most Vista laptops with the crapware that comes pre-installed on most of them.

    You can set your pagefile to 4092 min. and max. and try using CleanMem instead of Smart Ram, although you might have to faff around to allow the Task Scheduler part of it to run.

    Using a fast 2 - 4GB USB stick (or SD card if you have a slot for one) and setting it up for ReadyBoost might help take some of the load from the hard drive and boost performance a little more.
  3. satrow

    satrow Major Geek Extraordinaire

    Carl's 'problem' is running Vista on 1GB of RAM (less if he has onboard graphics) and his swapfile is on a slow (probably 5,400RPM hard drive) - period.
  4. usafveteran

    usafveteran MajorGeek

    sradwxi, as satrow has said, adding another 1GB of RAM would be a big help. However, you should also review the processes usually running in your computer and see whether some can be disabled. And, if you still have some of the "crapware" that came on the computer when new, software installed by the manufacturer, review that software and remove what's not needed.

    When you experience this problem with IE, are you also using other programs, such as word processing, email, etc.? I ran Win Vista for a year or so with my laptop with 1GB of RAM before adding another 1GB. And, based on my experience running Vista with 1GB, you should not be having the problem with a web browser. Sure, 2GB would be better but I believe your computer should be able to function better than it is with 1GB.

    I think you should try one or more other browsers. Firefox was mentioned by oneeyejack. I'm going to suggest Opera. I just updated my Opera to the latest version, 11.10, yesterday, and I find my computer (Windows 7 Ultimate) using less CPU resources and memory with Opera than with Firefox 3.6.16. I also have Opera installed on my Win Vista laptop and will be upgrading to the latest version of Opera on it.
  5. DavidGP

    DavidGP MajorGeeks Forum Administrator - Grand Pooh-Bah Staff Member

    Hi Carl

    Can you boot into Safe Mode (F8 at boot and choose Safe Mode with Networking) and see if the internet is the same?

    What are your security apps? please name all.

    Have you tweaked your PC with any apps or manually at all to try and add speed? if so what tweaks and/or apps used, many cause more issues than enought like deleting the prefetch folder!

    Have you adjusted your pagefile usage or is it still system managed?

    Have you tried Firefox or Opera to see if the internet is the same?

    One of the problems as mentioned by others in a low end memory PC of 1gb or ram with Vista is that with IE8 and 9 the crash protection of the browser uses twice the ram so allow you to recover the pages in the event of a browser crash, this is I find hit and miss, better in Win7 + IE9.

    So goto in IE, Tools > Internet Options and then Advanced tab and look down the list under Browser for Enable automatic crash recovery* and untick it then apply and restart IE and see if its any better.
  6. oneeyejack

    oneeyejack Guest

    Hi usafvertern. C130 electrician USAF 1958-1962. There is no doubt that IObit caused these problems for me. I'm not going to rant about it any more because I just get in trouble. When every thing else suggested has been tried, uninstall IObit and see if that helps. I still want to know when the trouble started and what Apps. do you have. I watched my PF get to 800; normal is less than 500, and then my PC would freeze. I just want to say this. This was not some thing that I guessed about, I spent months watching this
    I agree usafverten his PC should preform better even though more RAM would help. Another GB would probably disguise the leak. I have XP3 and one 1GB RAM. I seldom get under 50% free and I don't freeze up. I normally have 35 processes running. My biggest hog is Malwarebytes running in real time. I'll be still now but I'll be watching this thread. Good luck running IObit programs!!
  7. oneeyejack

    oneeyejack Guest

    Can you screen print your processes so the guys in the know can analyze them?? Not my thread , but analyze mine :-D:-D:-D Just kidding!!

    Attached Files:

  8. chaslang

    chaslang MajorGeeks Admin - Master Malware Expert Staff Member

    No one mentioned running IObit programs in this thread except you. Read the first message again. There is no mention of IObit software. Please stop posting comments that do not apply. And enough with your personal vendetta/problems with IObit. This is the last warning!!!!!

    EDIT:: Sorry I see I missed the comment about smart ram being mentioned without having IObit in it. However the fact remains that your obsession with IObit is out of hand.
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2011
  9. oneeyejack

    oneeyejack Guest

    Hi!! I only meant to share my experience nothing more. I'm very sorry you feel this way. I loved IObit and I loved their forum, IObit broke my heart. I will not mention them again here on Major Geeks. I do not have any vendetta. I have only spoken the truth. You can read all that I posted on Google. I was afraid this was going to happen. I'm 73 years old and have no reason to lie to any one. Others have had the same problems that I had. I was trying to help a member on Major Geeks. Fell free to delete my posts on this thread. I will not bring up the subject again. I love Major Geeks forum. I love Tim Tibbits. IObit had a problem and they knew it. I really hope they have fixed it. No one would be more happier than me. I except and honor your warning. I will not mention this again.
  10. oneeyejack

    oneeyejack Guest

    Hi scadwxi!
    I have been watching your thread, and I'm wondering if you have tried any of the suggestions that were offered by David and others; excluding mine.
    It's very aggravating to have freeze ups due to high memory usage. I have had that problem. I don't think mine was as severe as yours. I could go a couple of days before I had to reboot and release memory back to Windows. I found my problem and I sincerely hope you can find yours. Another GB of RAM would help. It's fairly cheap now days.
    PS I'm very curious is your PF usage goes up in task manager. If it's going up and staying up after restart, that's a bad sign of leakage IMHO. If you would list all your Apps. I think David could help you. I hate to see you having to live with your problem!!
  11. oneeyejack

    oneeyejack Guest

    HI tried to add this to my post. I wasn't allowed. My 10 minutes were up.
    PS I'm very curious is your PF usage goes up in task manager. If it's going up and staying up after restart, that's a bad sign of leakage IMHO. If you would list all your Apps. I think David could help you. I hate to see you having to live with your problem!!
    PS I just checked my PF usage while here on Major Geeks. It was 503. After closing all open pages, it dropped back to 413. This is how I found my leakage. I would exit a App. and see if it returned memory back in PF. I'm sorry I'm not more computer literate and explain this better. May be someone will help me explain this better.:-D
  12. MemoryIssuess999

    MemoryIssuess999 Private E-2

    figured id just throw it out there having the same issues it seems to only happen when running any flash program,youtube/facebook apps ect. [​IMG]
  13. maxdomeng

    maxdomeng Private E-2

    hi, guys i'm new here and i also encountered the same problem as shown by memoryissue999.................
    several computers in our office experienced the same problem. I have installed several web browser and it keeps on giving the same result. memory usage of web browser rises up some computers even take up 1.4gb of physical memory then it shuts down....

    i also encountered a script that fails to load and no matter if i continue the script or close the script, the web browser still start to eat up my physical memory until it reaches to the point that it hangs....

    So i tried to find out what script is giving that error and i was surprised that it leads to a facebook page address.... here is the address guys


    no matter what page i visit the script keeps pointing on this address...

    i was curious where will it lead so i tried to visit the page type it in the address bar and as usual the web browser hangs and after a while it runs again and all i see in the page is a like button same as the one we see on facebook then the number of likes... i saw 86 likes.


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