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Internet Packet Activity

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by livinglegend222, Jan 26, 2008.

  1. livinglegend222

    livinglegend222 Private E-2

    hello all, a router is connected to my pc, and my laptop connects via wireless network to that router. Had no problems for 2 years, all of the sudden, no more connection. Says its connected, but stays on 'acquiring network address' and never ends up connecting. I manually entered the ip address in the internet protocol propreties. This solved the connection problem....BUT: problem now is: Status is connected, Speed is at 54.0 Mbps, signal strenght is at its max...but the RECEIVED PACKETS stay at 0 (while the sent ones move up)...this resulting in NO INTERNET. does someone have a REAL Answer to this problem?
    * I have to add that once in a while, the received packets do all of the sudden start moving on up...and the internet works...its stays like this for about 5 minutes...and then....the received packet number stalls...and the internet stops once again for hours at a time.

    Please help
    Thank you
  2. cat5e

    cat5e MajorGeek

  3. livinglegend222

    livinglegend222 Private E-2

    only the wireless...

    thanks for the links..
    but the problem is still there..

    it worked last night for about 20 minutes..
    and again tonight for another 10 minutes..
    and now nothing
    my laptop is right near the router, and the speed drops to 24mbps and received packets stop moving up. wich results in the loss of the connection (even if it says its connected...)

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