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Internet slowing down to like 3KB>

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by MrApples, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. MrApples

    MrApples Private E-2

    Lately my internet connection seems to be running at 3KB or less most of the time. Its usually running ok just after startup, but then it hits bottom, just high enough to stay connected. It tends to jump up and down, sometimes to 100kb, and usually at night (like 12:30pm) its working fine.

    It sounds like an ISP problem(except for the startup part), however only my computer is experiencing this problem. I'm on wireless, the connection is fine, and from my knowledge there were no major changes before the problem started happening. Chance that someone is stealing bandwidth/messing with our router is extremely low.

    Ironically, it seems to be working fine right now... although just about all yesterday it was dead, and was about 10 minutes ago before I restarted.

    PS: I have run spybot s&d, and ad-aware. The only thing s&d couldn't remove was DriveCleaner 2006, which seems to be inactive anyway.
  2. MrApples

    MrApples Private E-2

    After living with this problem for a week, it seems now that it speeds up depending on how long my computer has been on, and restarting helps it 'jump'. But it never goes over like 80KB (dl speed), and that takes hours to get to. I used to have 200KB +. Thats download speed, kilobytes, not kilobits.

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