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Internet won't stay connected with Vista, will with XP

Discussion in 'Software' started by magnanimous, May 29, 2009.

  1. magnanimous

    magnanimous Private E-2

    I just got a new laptop, it has Vista, I'm use to XP. My guess is that it's a vista problem I have but who knows, so I'll describe...
    The laptop is by Asus, model G50VT
    I'm using wireless internet from AT&T, on my XP laptop it works just fine. On my Vista laptop it does not.
    The internet will say that it is connected and the connection is Excellent, however after a few minutes of using IE it stops working, saying that I'm not connected, even though the bottom right corner thing says I am in fact connected. Sometimes it helps to reboot the computer to get it to reconnect, or if I disconnect and reconnect it helps sometimes. But the problem persists again a few minutes later.
    Like I said, the laptop is brand new, just bought it Monday from Best Buy. Their geeksquad had already set it up, i didn't get charged for it since I didn't want them to set it up but it was their only one left other than the floor model. The problem has been there since day one, trying to avoid going to bestbuy to see what is wrong.
    I didn't bother starting over with factory settings, but may just to see if that helps.
    Any suggestions?
  2. magnanimous

    magnanimous Private E-2

    tried Internet Connectivity Evaluation Tool and it says everything is supported except for UPnP.
  3. magnanimous

    magnanimous Private E-2

    I tried all of those. Same problem occured in each web browser.
    Went back to bestbuy to the geek squad. They couldn't figure it out after an hour of 3 guys working on it. So they exchanged it for a new one.
    Got the new one home...within 3 minutes I encountered the exact same problem. I thought it was maybe the Avast that I had just downloaded, so I did a system restore to before installing that...but still ran into the same problem.
    Took it back to bestbuy. A new guy worked on it, he thought he had fixed it, but after restarting it we encountered a whole new problem...the computer wouldn't even recognize a wireless network in range.
    So he got ticked, and I got a completely different laptop.
    Now all is well, haven't had problems with this laptop, knock on wood.
    Thank you for the browser suggestions, it saved time when I got to bestbuy because that was one of their first guesses.
  4. magnanimous

    magnanimous Private E-2

    the laptop I got came already "optimized" by geek squad at bestbuy...they do that whole decrapifieing and get it running smooth so that when i took it home all i had to do was turn it on, get rid of trend micro and install avast.

    Thanks for the tip page, it's been really helpful!
  5. augiedoggie

    augiedoggie The Canadian Loon - LocoAugie (R.I.P. 2012)

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