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IOBit Malware Fighter key: License code??

Discussion in 'Software' started by grc123, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. grc123

    grc123 MajorGeek

    Please forgive my ignorance here...but it seems I've "won" an "IOBit Malware Fighter key: License code" (FROM MAJORGEEKS.COM on FACEBOOK!!!).

    I've used "Keys" and "Codes" in the past, but it looks to me as if this program is already "Freeware"...correct?

    So, "if" that's the case, I am really not sure what it is - exactly - that I would "do" with this Key/License-Code, please?

    Please, anyone replying with where I may, perhaps, "stick it", or, "shove it", spare us.

    All other replies/responses welcome!

    Thanks in advance,
    PS ~ I really should be "named", labeled, or "RANKED" here as something such as "Faux-Geek" ... "Poser-Geek", or some such. I really do not know much about this stuff, and cannot keep up with ALL of the TECH changes...just too many other interests and work which consumes my time... : ( :(
  2. FED UP

    FED UP MajorGeek

    I would imagine that there are extra features that would be unlocked with the license code. Just as you have a free and a paid version of MBAM or other anti virus apps. While I'm not familiar with IOBIT Malware Fighter in particular, often the extra features are things such as : automatic updating, active protection, more control over scan settings etc .
  3. MadMal

    MadMal Corporal

    You can see the difference between Free and Pro @

    The download is the same for Free and Pro and the license unlocks the extra features.
    For information on how to upgrade from Free to Pro, while at the IObit website go to "Support" then "Support Center" then "IObit Malware Fighter Online Help Center" or just click on this link.

    Click on "How to use"
    Click on "How to register IObit Malware Fighter"
  4. grc123

    grc123 MajorGeek

    Well when it rains it POURS!!! Seems I too, have WON this---> Majorgeeks IOBit Protected Folder winner!!! ... ???

    I would knnow (off the top of me noggin) even LESS about this than I would about the IOBIT Malware Fighter...I suppose if I search "IOBit Protected Folder" here, something will POP~UP, and I will L00K THERE, for where to enter the License Key, please...?

    In he meantime, I will do that, and check back here either way ... . . . .
  5. MadMal

    MadMal Corporal

    I don't have IObit Protected Folder but I did watch the MajorGeeks video tutorial @

    I noticed that in the bottom left corner of IObit Protected Folder it said Registered, I guess it would say Not Registered or Trial or something at first and then you would click on that and enter the License Code.
    Just a guess.

    Also, is there a user manual or help file somewhere in the Menu?
  6. grc123

    grc123 MajorGeek

    Thank you MadMal...good-gosh I only SKIMMED your answer for the moment - looks good - sounds good - I'm sure it's good - will check-it out more a bit later (hopefully!?!), when I get 29, maybe 31 SECONDS to do something besides duckin', jabbin' - floatin' like a butterfly and tryin' to sting like a bee - that's why they call me - "grc123".......

    Thanks again!

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