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is cobra2010 drivers pack the best to have

Discussion in 'Software' started by seengaf, Oct 4, 2009.

  1. seengaf

    seengaf Guest

    i work in a computer shop but we are kinda beginners in the maintenance

    one of the most time and effort wasting issues is finding the drivers 4 every device

    lately i found a DVD called Cobra driver pack
    1.5 GB
    i tried it few times it wasnt perfect 4 me

    is there any better source ( CD or DVD) for popular and old motherboards and old and odd laptops?

  2. dlb

    dlb MajorGeek

    Generally speaking, the device manufacturer's web sites are the best sources for drivers. Sometimes they have wrong drivers, or if the device/PC is an older model, they may no longer host the drivers. In these scenarios, you can usually get the drivers from the OEM; for example: HP does not host drivers for many of the older Pavilion towers, but they still have the motherboard specs; so you'd read the MB specs, then go directly to the makers of the chipsets; Intel, SiS, Via, NVidia, AMD/ATI are the most common chipset makers and they still host older software. For video cards, again go to the OEMs which are primarily ATI and NVidia. Audio drivers are usually found at the motherboard makers web sites, but if it's an older add-on card, you may have some trouble finding drivers.

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