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Is It Possible To Watch TV On Your PC?

Discussion in 'Software' started by flyinghooves, Oct 25, 2008.

  1. flyinghooves

    flyinghooves Private E-2

    Is there a way to watch my directv on my PC in the other room? :confused
  2. hawklord

    hawklord Master Sergeant

    if you live in europe, then why not have a look at this


    no tv card needed just a broadband connection
  3. flyinghooves

    flyinghooves Private E-2

    Nope, here in the USA That is a cool item though!!

    I thought I saw something that picked up the signal from the satellite box for the PC. I may be wrong

  4. chapincito

    chapincito Specialist

    No, you are not wrong. But... this kind of discussion could be "ilegal" in this forum.

    Try Google and look for FTA sites (you will find many free of them) or DVB cards.

    Another but, your Direct TV, will not get it by that way.
  5. buggabear

    buggabear MajorGeek

    I have had direct tv for a few years and there is no way that I have found to get around that box they force you top have. (so far). That was the one good thing about cable you could run a line to your pc. however this is still not a good enough reason for me to go back to cable.
  6. hawklord

    hawklord Master Sergeant

    over here in the sunny uk you can get live tv streamed into your pc, without the need for tv cards or boxes,

    itv is one company that does this, they used to use adobe player but have changed to silverlight - so i can't get it on my pc at the moment as i run linux,

    its legal and all you need is a tv licence
  7. flyinghooves

    flyinghooves Private E-2

    Oh I wasn't looking for illegal :(:-o

    I thought there was a way to wireless route your TV. IF I buy another Directv box what would I need to use my PC as my TV? Is that a better question??? :-D


    Do any of you remeber the "Rabbit"?? it wasn't illegal.
  8. chapincito

    chapincito Specialist

    Rabbit, I like that in a dish...:)

    And talking about dishes... I do not know where are you... But you can get a satellite dish and whatever comes with it... And if you add an infrared sender you can send that signal to other room... Is that a better answer???:-D
  9. flyinghooves

    flyinghooves Private E-2

    Funny :p

    So I can beam my dish signal lol I thought IR had to line up. But I don't know this stuff or I wouldn't be on here asking :-D
  10. elbiatcho1

    elbiatcho1 Specialist

    Easiest way might be to use a Slingbox.

    Complicated way might be installing video capture card into your machine, route the video into your capture card, then use something like VLC to serve the video stream out to the net. You would then need an IR controller that hooks up to your machine so you can change channels on your STB.
  11. flyinghooves

    flyinghooves Private E-2

    Thats IT the SLINGBOX!! A million thanks elbiatcho1 :)

    Thought I lost my mind there for a bit but I knew I heard about something and it is the Slingbox :-D:-D:-D:-D
  12. plodr

    plodr Major Geek Super Extraordinaire

    I still have my rabbit - watch what is on the VCR on a different tv elsewhere in the house. I figured later it was easier to just buy more VCRs, LOL. Of course come Feb. 2009, they will be next to useless unless I anti-up for some boxes.

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