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Is there any way to get internet access if not authorized in Win98?

Discussion in 'Software' started by breadbin, Mar 21, 2005.

  1. breadbin

    breadbin Private E-2

    I am part of a network in work and only have access to certain websites, I was wondering if there is anyway to access my email site without asking the administrator. The OS is win98. If I installed Opera or a different web browser than IE would I be able to or is it deeper than that? What about a boot disk to dos and go from there?
  2. Fw190

    Fw190 Lt. Anti-Social

    if your admin has his network together than your only access is probably through a proxy server. No matter what browser you use the proxy server will only allow certain sites to be accessed. Unless you can connect to an external proxy trhough your current proxy then you'll be hosed.
    A decent free proxy can be found at www.guardster.com
    The free one has a banner ad at the top, but they do offer a pay version that's ad free.

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