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  1. Confussed in AZ

    Confussed in AZ Private E-2

    :wave Just wanted to say I came here yesterday looking for help. Got a great Email welcome from Admins. Thanks for that. Felt nice to read your welcome emails and tell me to ask my question. Was ready to give up on my pc, IE was hijacked, spyware everywhere.. :cry Hubby and kids.......grrrrrrrr.

    Anyway after I got those emails I came back here and started reading the help sections. Followed the Malware Removal section. Dl'ed all the programs and ran them today. :-D They worked ! I am so happy I just want to dance around my office.

    Just wanted to say thanks. soooooooooooooo Thank you ! Thank you !
    Without this sites help I would have reformated my pc again(more times than I care to think about) and then did all the updates...........blah blah you get the idea. So again thanks for your help. Keep up the great work you are appreciated !:)
  2. TimW

    TimW MajorGeeks Administrator - Jedi Malware Expert Staff Member

    You are most welcome...however, if you start noticing problems, I suggest you do the procedures and attach the requested logs so we can verify you are clean.

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