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iTunes download shuts down my connection

Discussion in 'Software' started by tanuki, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. tanuki

    tanuki Private E-2

    Lately, when I've tried to download from the iTunes store, I lose my wireless connection. I recently switched from a cable modem to Verizon DSL, but I'm still connecting via a wireless router. Now though, after a few minutes of downloading a large file (like a television episode) the connection dies and my Netgear wireless utility shuts down. The lights on the DSL modem and the wireless router both indicate there is no probem at their end.

    When I restart, the connection is restored. Trying to resume the iTunes download causes the problem all over again though. No other program seems to cause this, though.

    Has anyone experienced anything similar to this? I also updated my Zonealarm software the other day, so I guess there could be a conflict there.

    I'm running Windows XP. Connecting via the NETGEAR 802.11b Wireless PCI Adapter to a Microsoft MN-500 Wireless router. Verizon self-installed help and support software and something called Verizon PlayLinc which I haven't looked into yet. I recently updated my ZoneAlarm Firewall.

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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