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Java and C++?

Discussion in 'Software' started by dweezer, Sep 18, 2007.

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  1. dweezer

    dweezer Private E-2

    Can anyone tell me what two different circumstances can Java or C++ be used for and also why one would be better than the other in that circumstance?

    Hope someone can help me out on this as I have managed to confuse myself at college :cry

    thanx guys!
  2. noahawk

    noahawk Corporal

    Java can be embedded into webpages (not sure C++ can, but I don't think so) as applets.

    C++ is architecture dependant, so you'd have to rewrite (or recompile) if you wish to switch to a different processor, like from x86 (Intel/AMD) to PowerPC (IBM). Java is architecture independent, so you write the code once, and Java's Virtual Machine makes it work on any processor that supports a virtual machine.

    Java is usually slower at startup, as the Virtual Machine must start, and then execute the code, whereas C++ begins executing immediately.
  3. dweezer

    dweezer Private E-2

    you're a star, that really helps! Thanks, I can do my assignment now :dancer

    Thanx, Maria
  4. noahawk

    noahawk Corporal

    Good to know, now I hope that wasn't the whole assignment ;)
  5. dweezer

    dweezer Private E-2

    I wish LOL !!! I should be so lucky......
  6. noahawk

    noahawk Corporal

    Well, some of the early assignments are... or at least they seem like it!
  7. dweezer

    dweezer Private E-2

    yes, I am sure they will get much harder, I am sure you will see me on again in the not too far future.... I suffer memory problems so some of it can just go straight over my head, I accuse people of not telling me things and doesn't always go down well, so this forum is very helpful for me

    thanks, time for a :drink to celebrate my distinction papers (so far so good)
  8. noahawk

    noahawk Corporal

    My memory doesn't keep everything any more either. If I could replace the RAM, I'd be in much better shape for remembering things...

    No problem, come back when the next problem strikes, but I don't know if I coan handle it.
  9. dweezer

    dweezer Private E-2

    LOL, never mind RAM, I think I need a total overhaul.... wouldn't it be nice to just upgrade ourselves :D
  10. Lev

    Lev MajorGeek

    Old thread......silly behavior...thanks for playing. Closed.
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