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JAVA problems. "Empty" javascripts !!!!!!

Discussion in 'Software' started by Maggie_61, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. Maggie_61

    Maggie_61 Private First Class

    • Windows XP Professional
    • IE 6
    • desktop IBM
    • ZONE ALARM SECURITY SUITE (registered, full version)
    • TWO JAVAS:
    • IBM 32-bit runtime environment for : Java 2, v1.4.1. (an original IBM, came with my pc)
    • J2SE runtime environment 5.0 update 7

    My problem is that I cannot open SOME (only a few) sites in IE. I see down left at the taskbar, IE mentioning “javascirpt: selectxa( )”
    The same happens in the latest MOZILLA FIREFOX I also use.

    The problem began when I downloaded the latest java 7, as the 6 was not working. As a result I had two javas: the 6 and the 7. I deleted the 6 and the settings of the 6 remained in ZONEALARM. Should I delete all the programs in ZA containing java 6? …. And permit full access to java 7 in ZA ?
    Should I delete the IBM JAVA ? :confused:
    ...even after I allowed all JAVAS in ZA to have access in the internet nothing happened...

    Thank you.
  2. itguy

    itguy Private E-2

    JRE continues to plaque developers as so many do not write to the core standard. I run into issues with the different JRE's constantly. Primavera is one developer that continues to make my life diffcult. Unfortunatly, there is no easy solution. Might try uninstalling JRE and reinstalling the current build. No promises though.
  3. greenknight32

    greenknight32 Sergeant

  4. Maggie_61

    Maggie_61 Private First Class

    Boys, I don't understand that much, easy.... :);) :confused: :rolleyes:

    Does ZONE ALARM created a problem with IBM Java, Java 6 and Java 7 ???

    What do you mean "reinstalling the current build" ??

    Thanks, guys !
  5. Maggie_61

    Maggie_61 Private First Class

    I deleted all javas, downloaded the sun java, the latest.

    and deleted the java from zone alarm.

    ....no solution...

    DOES ANYBODY KNOW ?? :confused:

    HEEEEELP .....
  6. theefool

    theefool Geekified

    Disable ZA, or uninstall it. Does it work now?

    Are you getting an error code? If so post it.
  7. Maggie_61

    Maggie_61 Private First Class

    Now I saw your message, ....health problems ....

    I delete all previous javas and have now JAVA 5.0 update 6.

    It works if I close ZONEALARM.

    Today I read to update the 8.

    Should I do it ?

    I will try it now....

    Thanks :)
  8. theefool

    theefool Geekified

    Either configure ZA to allow java, or uninstall and re-install za.

    Also, I'd uninstall all java apps, and install the latest:

    Sun Java Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 8
  9. Maggie_61

    Maggie_61 Private First Class

    I just installed JAVA update 8 from YOUR site, it is very simple!! :) :) :)

    When I shutdown ZA everything is OK.

    Thanks !

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