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Java program - strange images showing

Discussion in 'Software' started by codecoaster, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. codecoaster

    codecoaster Private E-2

    I use Netbeans to develop in Java. I started a thread in the malware removal forum but no malware is detected.
    I visited a game developers IRC channel to recruit some beta testers for my Java game.
    One of the volunteers was discussing an applet they had written which used XOR bit shifting, and was designed to work in 3d but could maybe work in 2d.
    My game is launched from the website using webstart. It usually downloads in less than 5 minutes but the tester said it was taking over 10.
    The game downloads sound files from the web site when required.
    I launched a copy of my game from the web site to see what was wrong. It started as normal then an applet from the IRC channel ran. The applet showed up on the Java console.
    When the game loaded there were huge ugly bouncing blocks over the game screens and this has been happening since the visit to the IRC channel.
    I have tried everything to stop this, but nothing works. Only this pc is affected. The code works perfectly when copied and run from another pc. It also runs perfectly when launched from the web site on another pc.
    I have reinstalled Netbeans, Java and emptied the cache. I can see no other code running but I'm not sure how to detect this. I dont think the code is using image files, but it must be somewhere on my system.
    Could someone elses code get accidentally mixed up with mine?
    How can I detect where this is happening?
    I have been working on the game for over 3 years, off and on, and I have been trying to fix this for a week now and its really got me stumped.
    I put up a flash video of the problem but it is quite a while before the blocks show up. I'll try to put up a shorter video later today.
    I would be grateful for any help with this, as this is my development machine and I would rather not format and start again!
  2. PC-XT

    PC-XT Master Sergeant

    There are two places I know of where Java stores programs other than browser cache, at least when working properly:
    1. In the browser, for instance Internet Explorer uses the Downloaded Program Files folder (You can find this by going to Tools > Internet Options > General tab > Settings > View Objects)
    2. In the Java Cache, which can be found in the Java Control Panel.
  3. maeder

    maeder Private E-2

    i really want to enhance my knowledge in java coz i've heard that java is the language that is widely used in the industry

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