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jpgs send as text

Discussion in 'Software' started by jallenaz, Dec 13, 2008.

  1. jallenaz

    jallenaz Private E-2

    My Dad has a problem using Outlook Express that whenever he sends a jpg it is received as a text file. We live about 3000 miles apart, so I can't really tell what he's doing. But it's been going on for over a year this way. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this?

    He just forwarded me an email with a picture attachment and it came through with the picture as text. A few, very few, times he has sent a picture and I get some of it, but the rest as text.

    Maybe someone could point me towards another source for help if no one has an answer here. Thanks,

    Jim Allen
  2. sach2

    sach2 Major Geek Extraordinaire

    What is the size of the file? Does it open in a picture viewer if you change the extension to .jpg? What do you get when your normal .txt viewer(probably Notepad) tries to open it?
  3. jallenaz

    jallenaz Private E-2

    I think I tried opening one after changing the file extension once. Usually they come in multiple emails.

    Today I think I might have reproduced the problem myself. I tried sending emails to myself from OE and when I set Rich text to Uuencode from MIME it sent the attached jpg as text. I'm waiting for him to see if his mail program is set that way. I'll let you know here when I find out.


  4. jallenaz

    jallenaz Private E-2

    We finally tried a jpg and it came as 44 separate emails with scrambled text. It is viewable in Outlook Express in the first of the 44 emails. The rest have a scrambled text message. I'm hoping he didn't change the format to Rich Text correctly like I told him to. He does pretty well with the computer, but not always at following directions. Could be my instructions.

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