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just a little help ref. motherboard

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by gavibear, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. gavibear

    gavibear Private E-2

    Hi guys
    dont have specs on me at mo (as at work) , but my pc stopped working, when i turn it on the monitor stays off and the fans kick in running a lightning speed,
    I assume that as the fans are running, the psu is ok
    i am leaning toward the motherboard being knackered,
    the hard drive does not begin to start up

    the pc is an acer aspire sa90 from my memory,
    i have removed ram and tried different
    i have removed g/card

    i am also unable to turn pc off by front switch, by holding it in nothing happens, the fans keep whirling,

    any help much appreciated, ta:)
  2. IanTheGeek

    IanTheGeek Private First Class

    It sounds like a dead motherboard, especially because it is no posting (hence the 4 second button press to shut down). It COULD be the processor, but I would be surprised if it were. Be sure that you disconnect any card readers, drives, and any proprietary hardware that acer has on the computer. Anything in the PCI slots can cause problems too, so be sure to remove all that you can.

    In the instance that this doesn’t help you determine the fault, and you have no tools or spare parts. You may just need to bite-the-bullet and buy another motherboard to test.

    Best of Luck!
  3. gavibear

    gavibear Private E-2

    great thanks, I was leaning towards this being the problem, but needed a little advice to confirm it, I have tested all other stuff now, and a new motherboard is going to be happening I think. ta

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