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Just dawned on me... Silly me!!!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by ladyharley99, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. ladyharley99

    ladyharley99 Private First Class

    I had been thinking since last night as to why I would not be able to edit a thread I've posted to add to it (rather than post a reply)...

    Well, the "DON'T BUMP" just really sunk in... LOL!!! If I were to edit (and / or post a new reply) it would have Bumped my message....

    So, to any of the "helpers" that read these Lounge messages...

    I sorry!!!

    I should not have added that other log!! Lesson learned. (Wow... I've been having that a lot the past few days!!) rolleyes

    Anyway... Just thought I'd mention that!

    Take care, LH! :cool
  2. TeeCee

    TeeCee MajorGeek

    Don't worry, LH, we all have had those "oops!" days.... You should be fine! ;)
  3. bigtrucks

    bigtrucks MajorGeek

    Yeah TeeCee is right we all have "oops days" some more then othersrolleyes . We learn from our mistakes.
    If you are talking about adding logs in the malware forums as long as it is a different/new log or piece of new info it's ok. You'll get the hang of things and if you're not sure don't hesitate to ask. Someone will answer;)
  4. hrlow2

    hrlow2 MajorGeek

    I believe there is a 10 minute time limit on editing.After that,stuck with it.
  5. bigtrucks

    bigtrucks MajorGeek

    BTW LH have you posted your blog yet?:confused I wasn't sure if I missed it in one of the forums.
  6. ladyharley99

    ladyharley99 Private First Class

    No... not yet.

    Since we're in the Lounge now... I guess I'll give it here...


    It's nothing that spectacular. If you want to read some of my short stories (samples of my writing, beyond the personal stuff.)... let me know & I'll send you a link.

    Thanks for your interest. :cool
  7. bigtrucks

    bigtrucks MajorGeek

    You did that yourself? I'll be bugging you for awhile:-Dif you don't mind. I tried to do mine(msn) about a yr ago gave up. took computer tech in 91-92 flunked on the programming part(teacher gave me an elementary program at exam time) passed the rest with flying colors.:confused Go figure!
    I like the way you have set it up.
    My Step daughter lives in Gallion are you any where near there? I have one dog myself and A whole bunch of corey fish.rolleyes There I go rambling so.
    Hopefully we'll see and here more from you, and Yes would love to read what you have written. Fore warning though I'm not a fast reader but if it's interesting I won't stop unless I have to.My grand daughter is a major book worm. This is good as 2 years ago she had horrible grades in reading at school and now we can't get her to put the thing down.:-D
  8. Mimsy

    Mimsy Superior Imperial Queen of the MG Games Forum

    You talkin bout me? I don't see anyone else here... you're talkin bout me!


    Relax, LH, we've all been there. And I am fairly sure we have all done a lot more embarrassing things than you have. We just don't tell anyone about it ;)
  9. ladyharley99

    ladyharley99 Private First Class

    Don't mind... That particular site is actually CSS based... & I can't take complete credit on that... They have base themes you pick from & you can customize to your liking.

    If you were referring to the site I did from scratch... that one I'll give to you in a PM, if you'll send me one... do you know how to do that on here? I think we have to be friends... & I think you need to have your PM's set so you can receive... for I was going to send one to someone & found that the default was set to off.

    Anyway... let me know.

    (The site I did myself is my hubby's motorcycle club... & since it's sort of a "business" site... I don't want to impede on anyone with it... Not really a buiz... but I think you know what I mean.)

    Thanks & Take care.
  10. ladyharley99

    ladyharley99 Private First Class

    What's embarrassing is the fact that I know exactly how I got the virus in the 1st place... The 1st AND ONLY time I've ever tried one of the CrackCodes / Keygen sites... AGAIN THAT'S THE LAST TIME I ever do that!!

    I knew soon as I opened that file I was going to be in for a world of hurt... thankfully I have been able to keep it from doing too much damage... I HOPE!!!

    We'll see.

    Thanks for the empathy! :)
  11. Mimsy

    Mimsy Superior Imperial Queen of the MG Games Forum

    As long as it really is the last time, no harm, no foul... ;)
  12. ladyharley99

    ladyharley99 Private First Class

    Sure is... I just hope that my hubby will learn from this too... Meaning... I hope that he won't go to them sites on his computer anymore!!

    I'm just glad that I didn't get one of them types that directs you to them nasty sites....

    Oh... but wait... maybe it could have... When I got the popup telling me that my search link was redirected asking if it was ok... I said NO!! So, maybe it could have...

    Thanks all for understanding :)

    Again... I sure hope Hubby will remember this next time he thinks about trying to use one of them crack codes!!!!
  13. bigtrucks

    bigtrucks MajorGeek

    Actually you need at least 50 post before you can PM:cry So keep posting girl:-D you've got 30 more to go;)I have faith in you I know you can do it.:-D
  14. ladyharley99

    ladyharley99 Private First Class

    Seriously??? Oh, that won't take me much!! Especially since I don't want to enter any passwords to get to email & such! Which is driving me bonkers!! :tas (Still waiting :major for info if my system is clean or not.) I'm afraid that the virus I had... might have had a keystroke thingy (loss for the word) in it... & afraid it's hidden! *sighs*

    Yeah, I'm a little paranoid at the moment & a bit anxious!!

    Anyway... I thought it was because it was a button I had to click in the UCP :confused which I have enabled.
  15. ladyharley99

    ladyharley99 Private First Class

    Oh, yeah... can you tell... I'm getting more & more into this forum?? I now have my avatar & signature set :-D
  16. ladyharley99

    ladyharley99 Private First Class

    You WERE serious... I thought you might have been pulling my leg. (I used to be really more gullible than I am now!)

    Anyway... just wanted to point out I'm now 1/2 way there... This would be post #26, if I saw correctly! :cool
  17. ladyharley99

    ladyharley99 Private First Class

    Well, I so want to go to my thread to post some more questions... but since I can't... I'll ask here...

    Because want to give this statement...

    I really think my Adult ADD has shown it's true colors with my problem... For I didn't read the "Read & Run Me 1st" stuff closely... AND now, I think I have found the issue as to why some of the stuff wasn't running correctly.

    Just wondering... what do I do when the 1st time I ran Malwarebytes tonight, it found a Trojan... I removed / healed it... & now I am running it again & it's long past the point where all the infected objects were found...

    I know somewhere it said not to run those instructions again until they contact me... However, I'm doing stuff way out of order & I am curious if maybe I should just redo run it all... IN THE CORRECT order :confused :confused :confused

    Any thoughts?

    btw... after my system is clean... I probably won't be posting as much... Does that happen often? (Some post a bit until they're fixed & then move on?) Just curious! :)

    Thanks all. :wave
  18. silas

    silas MajorGeek

    It looks like most of them come and go. Also Id just wait for what they tell you in the thread. It can take few days to get to yours. So just wait.. and I wouldnt download anything new and do scanning on your own. Just wait for what they say.. And follow it exactly:p
  19. ladyharley99

    ladyharley99 Private First Class

    You know... that really is asking a lot from me! :p

    Mainly because this laptop is basically my life! (I'm on it nearly all the time I'm awake... except when having bad "headache" days. (That there is a long story I won't go into this long at night. If anyone cares to know... it's all in my blogs.)

    Anyway... I will do my best...

    btw... a lot of my problem (of doing stuff on my own) is from the prompting of my hubby saying I didn't do what he said to do... So, I've been trying follow him as well!

    Well now that I feel a little safer now... I think I'll sit back & wait for someone (hoping it's REALLY REALLY soon!) to reply.

    But it's driving me NUTS not able to log on to my email (from Thunderbird)... or anything I have to enter a password for... I'm scared to... because I don't know if this stuff has keystroke generators in it or not!! UGH...

    See.... told ya... driving myself batty here!!! NIGHT!! :wave

    P.S. I have this feeling after this is all said & done... I may be having one of them computer break days... or couple of days like that! (Usually happens to me after a while... get burned out!!)

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