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just started last night

Discussion in 'Software' started by ibbonkers, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. ibbonkers

    ibbonkers First Sergeant

    43 out of 125 finished on the wu. It says greater then 5 meg files is ram intensive will that throttle back when I use my pc also? I game in the evenings so I was curious. Running 4 gig ddr2 on vista machine .
  2. BCGray

    BCGray Guest

    ibbonkers Welcome to Major Geeks Folding Team, not being a "Gamer" myself, I can only give you "Second Hand" help. If you are using a Application that is using 80% + of your CPU Cycles, most have found that it is best to turn off "Folding". Two reasons, one your not doing much "folding" then anyways, and two it can slow down the App slightly.

    Hope that Helps ibbonkers and Happy Folding and again Thanks for joining the Major Geeks Folding Team

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