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kbdhid.sys keyboard driver not working after virus! WIN XP

Discussion in 'Software' started by State43, Jun 14, 2010.

  1. State43

    State43 Private E-2

    Okay, where to begin. Okay, I got some nasty virus that was something like "adaware.win32.bho" Not sure the exact virus but it disabled my keyboard along with some other stuff. I was able to access safe mode and ran spybot and malware bytes removing all the infected virus's. But now the aftermath. I still have no access to my keyboard so I can't sign in, but it works in BOS and safemode. I think I have narrowed it down to this being the problem.

    I have tried the following.
    Uninstall the driver and reinstall numerous times to no avail.
    delete the kbdhid.sys files and replace them with an associates files - no luck
    Try to install using a downloaded version of the driver - nothing

    I am open to any new ideas or suggestions. Anything will help. As for my machine, I use Xp service pack 3.
  2. cybrguy

    cybrguy Private E-2

    Your USB got corrupted by the virus. Try going in to device manager and deleting your USB root hubs. When you delete one of them your keyboard will die, but hopefully you will have gotten the right one already. When windows comes back up it will reinstall the default root hub drivers and you should be good to go.
  3. State43

    State43 Private E-2

    Worked perfect, thank you.
  4. PRProf

    PRProf Private E-2

    Hi, everyone...I had the same keyboard problem and took the same steps. I also traced it to a virus that McAfee didn't catch but Malwarebytes did. I followed another forum's advice to copy a clean kbdhid.sys file to the system 32 folder and reboot. No love so far.

    My question for Slate43--did you experience either (a) your searches being hijacked or (b) not being able to restore to a system restore point?

    Also, is there a possibility that Windows won't restore the root hubs?

  5. cybrguy

    cybrguy Private E-2

    If your only remaining problem is the dead keyboard, dumping the root hubs may well solve it. I have never seen them fail to be restored by windows.

    If you are still suffering from the pest (like still experiencing hijacking) than you may have the rootkit others have suffered from. ComboFix was the best tool for nailing that infection.

    ComboFix is a powerful tool, and I am loath to recommend using it unless you know what you are doing. Often it is best to use it with the assistance of an expert in a pest fix forum. YMMV
  6. PRProf

    PRProf Private E-2

    Thanks for the advice. I'm not completely sure what I'm dealing with. I know the browser was hijacked while I was in safe mode/networked, but I can't recall now whether that was before or after I ran the Malaware scan.

    Sorry for the noobie-like question, but is there a sure way of telling whether I have the rootkit bug?

    Thanks for the patience.
  7. DavidGP

    DavidGP MajorGeeks Forum Administrator - Grand Pooh-Bah Staff Member

    Hi PRProf

    I agree with cybrguy and we have such a forum here at majorgeeks, but we do have a step by step guide, to follow and I will post the links below, but remember to start a new thread in out malware forum so that the mawlare experts here can assist you.

  8. PRProf

    PRProf Private E-2

    Thanks, Cyberguy and Halo. I'm going to dump the root hubs first and see if that restores the keyboard. Still thinking there's some unwanted visitors in my machine, so I'll follow the links and move this over the malware. Fingers crossed!

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