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Keyboard and mouse lag

Discussion in 'Software' started by ISR, Dec 26, 2004.

  1. ISR

    ISR Private E-2

    HI, im not sure if i`m in the right part for this, but i assume its a driver problem,

    first of all, should the "c:\" with the operating system be FAT or NTFS ? and why? please

    and secondly, my cursor moves fine then sometimes pauses for a split second then carries on, same when im typing (yes the repeat on the keyboard is on fast)

    p.s the mouse is an infra-red PS2, no problems until now(month old mouse).

    The mouse and keyboard work fine on games( no lag/stickyness) (GTA-vice city/ ages of empires etc)

    would be great to have some ideas or thoughts what the problem is
  2. Major Attitude

    Major Attitude Co-Owner MajorGeeks.Com Staff Member

    With Windows XP, you lose out on security features without NTFS, so the answer is anyone running Windows XP should be using the NTFS file system. In 2006 another file system is coming as well, so before you know it, that will be outdated too :)

    As for the mouse, I would test drivers. If your using the included drivers, get rid of them. If your using Windows drivers, try the included ones.
  3. ISR

    ISR Private E-2

    bah i hate longhorn,

    hey mate, it works, cheers!

    it was graphics drivers mouse and keyboard,

    mouse went mental flashing when i installed them then it was fine -touches wood-

    thanks alot, i know for next time now, :cool:

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