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keyboard shortcuts

Discussion in 'Software' started by darkhorizon, May 30, 2003.

  1. darkhorizon

    darkhorizon Private First Class

    How do i maximize & restore a window with the keyboard? (win98)
  2. Balbanebeoulve

    Balbanebeoulve Bal. Balba. Babalabawhosemawhutsie

    Hold ALT and click TAB to switch between windows, useful for games.

  3. darkhorizon

    darkhorizon Private First Class

    all alt + tab does is switch windows ... i need the keyboard shortcut that will do the same action as clicking the button inbetween minimize and close in the top right of the screen
  4. snakefoot

    snakefoot Sergeant Major

    Minimize = ALT+Space+n
    Maximize = ALT+Space+x
  5. darkhorizon

    darkhorizon Private First Class

    thanks ... now what is restore?
  6. darkhorizon

    darkhorizon Private First Class

    nevermind ... it's alt + space + r
  7. darkhorizon

    darkhorizon Private First Class

    is there a maximize command (the button between minimize and close) that uses control or something? like to close a windows you can hit "alt + f + x" or you could simply hit "alt + f4", is there a combo key for maximize?
  8. rom

    rom Private E-2

  9. rom

    rom Private E-2

  10. lesrae

    lesrae Private E-2

    There are a number of windows key shortcuts:

    Win+E - opens explorer
    Win+D - minimize all windows
    Win+M - minimize current window

    Not sure if there's a maximise one though, try out other combinations.
  11. lesrae

    lesrae Private E-2

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