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Discussion in 'Software' started by mrdande, May 23, 2007.

  1. mrdande

    mrdande Private E-2

    Is there any help files or documentation for the KillCMOS program. The main thing i wanted to know is, are you suppose to reboot to dos OR, boot up on floppy,cd, etc.

  2. DeweyBad

    DeweyBad Private First Class

    I found this in the download section of that program.

    Works with ALL CMOS. KiLLCMOS only changes checksums & values that makes the motherboard CMOS revert back to factory defaults.

    Note that the operating system system requirement for this program is "DOS". This means you need to be able to "boot from a floppy to DOS" and execute the program. If you are running this program from Windows, then you did not read the directions. Any good anti-virus program will detect an attempt to access the bios and inform you it is a virus.
  3. mrdande

    mrdande Private E-2

    Thank you for your reply. Thats about all I could find. Is there a difference between Floppy booting and using function key to boot to dos before windows starts.

    thanks again
  4. merliner

    merliner Private E-2

    If anyone know password on hdd but cant access to bios - first type this pass because no app run from pendrive (example killcmos). Tested on Acer Aspire One 150.
  5. merliner

    merliner Private E-2

    anyone who know pass to hdd but cant access to bios - you have to type hddpass first because its necessary to boot any apps from pendrive (killcmos). Tested on Acer Aspire One 150.

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