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laptop 88 key keyboard problem

Discussion in 'Software' started by TonyR, Dec 29, 2003.

  1. TonyR

    TonyR Private E-2

    Can anybody help with this annoying problem? it is to do with the directional keys, thre problem is they will not smooth scroll ie; when i hold a key down they just move the cursor only when i hit the key, and in games especially 1st. person one's i have to keep hitting the up or down arrow key...it's so darn annoying this only happens in windows xp....if i use windows me everything is fine...i've tried going into control panel and altering the settings and also switching the scroll lock on and off but to no avail....any idea's?

    this is on a 88 key laptop keyboard
  2. Gottheit

    Gottheit General Logic

    When you say that you went to the control panel and altered the settings, do you mean that you altered the repeat delay in the keyboard properties section?
  3. TonyR

    TonyR Private E-2

    Hi, yes i did, this only happens in XP, in ME all is fine
  4. Kodo


    what kind of laptop is it.. have you checked for any updated XP drivers for it?
  5. TonyR

    TonyR Private E-2

    It is a NOVATECH MAESTRO P4 3.06ghz

    Windows xp pro with sp1

    and yes i've searched for drivers even from the manufacturers, but no luck
  6. Fw190

    Fw190 Lt. Anti-Social

    I would check in the bios for a key repeat setting. And then make sure that in XP the keyboard control panel is set to allow key repeats.

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