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Laptop battery not charging.

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Wlfwo, Aug 22, 2006.

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  1. Wlfwo

    Wlfwo Private E-2

    My laptop has been chargeing since i removed the malware but it continues to say, 0% (charging), is this a problem with the battery or can it be fixed?:confused: The laptop is relativly new, and i have the battery name.

    HP Company, HSTNN-DB17, lithium-ion battery module.

    Please help me,
  2. tunered

    tunered MajorGeek

    It could be a problem in the software that reads the charging, if you unplug the power supply will it run? and down in your task bar there should be a percentage number of power left in the battery when the power supply is unplugged. ed
  3. Wlfwo

    Wlfwo Private E-2

    No, if I unplug the power supply it won't still play. And it says it is at 0% when i have it plugged in.
  4. tunered

    tunered MajorGeek

    You know that the laptop has to be into windows to charge, it wont charge just sitting with the power suppy plugged in. ed
  5. Wlfwo

    Wlfwo Private E-2

    So if I spent half a day on the laptop with it plugged in, it should have charged? Yes?
    Is there someplace I can check and see if it's the software? It's not quite a year old as of yet.
    How long do the batteries last? This is the first laptop we have had, so I don't really know that much about them.

    Thanks for the help.
  6. rogvalcox

    rogvalcox MajorGeek

    Hp typically has a 1 year warranty that comes with the system. I just had my battery replaced on my pavillion laptop after about 6 months. I contacted them, explained that my battery was going south, and they sent me a new one no questions asked!! I would go to there website and get on the online live chat help and talk to an HP techie, and they should get you taken care of...their warrenties are excellent in my opinion!!

  7. Wlfwo

    Wlfwo Private E-2

    I am currently on www.hp.com, but I dont know if my laptop computer is CTO,
    my help and support guide says i am ,hp pavilion ze2000, but doesnt say anything about CTO afterwards. do i just click the "hp pavilion ze2000 cto notebook series"

    why is it ze2000 series when it was purchased presumably in 2005?
    (pardon my spelling)

    One more thing, i have had my laptop plugged into the outlet while turned off. from 57% it went to 100% so i am guessing it doesnt have to be logged into windows to charge. I have done it countless times before and it seamed to be charging. ty for al the help, but i will need more.

    It says charging on the front left of the laptop symbolizing the lightning bolt and the orange light underneath, if its not charging when it says it is then its just conussing me more.
  8. rogvalcox

    rogvalcox MajorGeek

    There should be a sticker on the bottom of the notebook that will tell you the Exact model number for your specific machine. Go ahead and scribble down the serial number too...the chat technician will ask for this.

    The model #'s don't have anything to do with the year they are made. Like mine for example is a zd8000 series (zd8215 to be exact) which I bought approximately a year ago...so obviously that doesn't have anything to do with the year it was made!!

  9. TheDoug

    TheDoug MajorGeek

    My Dell's battery charges powered up or off. Charges faster with the power off. Manual says so. I don't believe that's unusual.
  10. ItsWendy

    ItsWendy MajorGeek

    Our Dell's batteries can also spontanously combust, kinda like some people. Makes you wonder...

    Personally I'd hate the software approach, a battery should be able to charge on a computer that's turned off. I could see it being a safety feature though.
  11. frostfang

    frostfang Private E-2

    I seem to have a battery that could only charge up to 95% before it says that it is "plugged in, not charging", if I take out the battery and put it back in, it says that it is fully charged but when i drain it and charge it, the meter would only show up to 95% before it says that it is plugged in but not charging.
  12. Konekochama

    Konekochama Private E-2

    Hi, I have a quick question about my laptop battery for a Dell Inspiron 1525.

    When I plug in my AC cord to charge the battery, the meter in Windows just reads "plugged in, not charging", even though the battery is at 8%. The charging indicator light doesn't light up either.

    My laptop runs on AC power, so I know it's not the cord. Would it just be the battery that I have to replace, or is there an underlying issue?

    I'm sorry, this is my first laptop, and I'm still not too familiar with the batteries. ;)
  13. jlphlp

    jlphlp Master Sergeant

    Hi All,

    Never saw a Laptop that did not charge when the AC adaptor was plugged in and the batt needed chargeing. Some, in the past, did not charge while booted due to underpowered adaptors, but haven't seen one of those in years. Batts can go bad. Chargers can go bad.

    Good Luck, Jim
  14. peterpan8

    peterpan8 Private E-2

    Does the computer boot up when on AC power. If so, check in the BIOS ( by hitting F8 key during bootup) -- if your HP uses the same BIOS as my Compaq, there is a battery calibration utility that you can run. Not sure if this will fix what's wrong, but it won't hurt to try.
  15. plodr

    plodr Major Geek Super Extraordinaire

    That's news to me! I've owned three laptops: Micron, HP and ASUS (it doesn't run windows). None of those brands requires the computer to be into windows to charge.

    There are three spots were the problem can exist: the battery may be unable to hold a charge, the connector socket going into the notebook might be bad, the charging adapter might be bad.

    Check HP to see if anything is under warranty.
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