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Laptop not recognizing router

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by escott68, Jun 29, 2009.

  1. escott68

    escott68 Private E-2

    I've been trying to connect to the internet but my laptop is not even picking up the wireless signal. It's definitely not the router because my wifes laptop picks it up with no problem. I keep getting other users signals but not mine. Occasionally it picks up the signal, I can log on but then it dies again.

    I have an HP, windows XP, verizon FIOS, wireless access, the laptops are right next to each other
  2. escott68

    escott68 Private E-2

    OK I found what was wrong with my internet access,
    it's called Paying your bill on time!!!!!!!!!!

    My wife forgot to do that. LOL
    The wired thing though her laptop was still
    getting on the net 2 days after mines stopped.

    Sorry for the false call.

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