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LCD distorted

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by foogoo, Oct 2, 2006.

  1. foogoo

    foogoo Major "foogoo" Geek

    A friend bought a 19" LCD monitor / TV combo and text is very blurry. It has a decent DPI ect. The screen is only 'right' at resolution 1024 x 768 or something like that, but when you open some apps they don't fit in their window.. some create scroll bars some don't. The manufacture's site doesn't supply any drivers either. Is there some trick to getting the resolution to fit the screen? It appears stretched horizontally?
  2. tunered

    tunered MajorGeek

  3. Higara7

    Higara7 Private E-2

    What OS do you have on that computer?
  4. foogoo

    foogoo Major "foogoo" Geek

    Yeah I have tweaked clear text, and every other setting I know of prior to posting.. but the bigger issue is when a window 'overflows' the screen so you can't hit the buttons on the bottom of the form....
    I guess the aspect would be considered widescreen - any ideas on making windows fit that?
    Its XPMC
  5. tunered

    tunered MajorGeek

    I have wmc, the video driver wont let you get to the right resolution,I cant think of any monitor that wont go to 1280. ed

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