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Lexmark 2350 All in One---scanner problems

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by jlwohac, Dec 5, 2005.

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  1. jlwohac

    jlwohac Private E-2

    Hi all. This may be a little long-winded, but I want to try to include whatever I can to make your helping me a little easier. When my Lexmark X73 All in One starting giving me problems (paper wouldn't pull in and when it did, it was like it would get "stuck" and the printing would be all glumped together), I decided to buy a new All in One---the Lexmark 2350. I bought it because the resolution is higher and it only needs one ink cartridge and it's only $20.

    Installed the printer, and the print function and copy function work fine, but I can't get the scan function to work at all. A window pops up saying it's preparing for first time use and then another pops up saying AIOCexe must close, sorry for the inconvenience, etc. The error incluces: AppName: lxcgiox.exe. Couldn't find anything when I Googled the error. One of the suggestions in the Help Center for the All in One suggested moving the hardware acceleration to the third position from the left, which I did, with the same results. I uninstalled and then reinstalled the software and the same thing occurs.

    2 questions/concerns:
    1. I contacted Lexmark support via email and their suggestion is to uninstall and reinstall the software after I go into "Selective Startup" and disable "Startup Group Items" so that only the Windows (XP) system is running. The reason is that a piece of software may be interfering with the printer's communication ablility. Not a problem, I guess, but I was thinking that when I did that on my other Compaq, it boots us to a black screen where I have to select to have it continue to boot. Since this computer is running quite nicely, I'd rather not have to do that to this one. Besides, once I put take it out of "Selective Startup" after the reinstallation is completed as he suggested, won't it do the same thing again? Does putting it into "Selective Startup" seem like the way to go with the install, without causing any problems? I'm a little leary of doing this since my system resources do not show as being low, which is another problem he thought it could be.
    2. There is a driver update, but Norton didn't seem to like it much, pegging it as "malicious script". I stopped the install before it could run, but was given the option of running it once. Should I have let it run the one time to get the drivers? The instructions for installing the printer is with the antivirus disabled, but I didn't think of doing when I was going to install the drivers.

    My computer ran fine with the X73 printer/scanner/copier so I'm a little confused by this. I use XP, Norton antivirus and use Ad-aware and Spybot Search Destroy, have Spyware Blaster installed and run WinPatrol also. Memory for this computer is 376, which is the max I can install.

    Suggestions? Thanks to all who respond.
  2. juggalo29935

    juggalo29935 Private E-2

    You probably will have to re-install the driver.
  3. jlwohac

    jlwohac Private E-2

    No joy installing the driver. Uninstalled and reinstalled the unit three times today. I can use the all-in-one as a copy machine, I guess. You can bet the next all-in-one ain't gonna be a Lexmark!
  4. tjay2988

    tjay2988 Private E-2

    I moved into a new apt and misplaced the installation disk just before my hard drive crashed when I contacted lexmark, they nolonger support the x2350 and advised me to call abbyy for the fine reader. They tell me I have to have the version that came with the installation disk to upgrade. Does any one have the installation disk and can you post it to a p2p site so that I may download it?
  5. TimW

    TimW MajorGeeks Administrator - Jedi Malware Expert Staff Member

    This thread is from 2005......I would suggest that you start your own thread. :)
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