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Linksys Etherfast Cable/ Dsl Router Model BEFSR41 Problems

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Orbitorly, Jan 4, 2004.

  1. Orbitorly

    Orbitorly Private E-2

    Hello Everyone and first off let me thank any of you that can help me with this problem...

    Alright yesterday for some reason my computer totaly shut down and wouldnt start back up, the screen blacked out and I tried booting the PC several times, next morning I woke up cleaned the CPU sink out and the computer ran, would a computer shut down for that reason ? ...Anyway, the day before I restore my computer because of a trojan virus that over ran my computer...

    Okay my MAIN problem is when my PC finaly started up the internet wouldnt work, my PC connects fine with the modem given to me by my Internet provider which is Bright House Networks, but I had to setup my network adaptors again for some reason. So I disconnected my cable to my PC, hooked it into the back of the WAN port hooked my main PC up and the IP addresses read For IP address , subnet mask and default gateway, and for Address type it said invalid IP, and I've tried several times, but everytime I unhook it up from the main Modem which is a Toshiba PCX2500 the IP address zero out, and the router setup cant recognize a connection...

    Im running Window XP Home Edition

    Please any help will be appriciated....thank you
  2. Kodo


    system specs please.. include OS version. etc.

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