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LINUX Question: want to install linux on windows xp system + few other questions

Discussion in 'Software' started by silverman, Sep 12, 2006.

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  1. silverman

    silverman Private E-2

    I haven't even installed linux yet, or tried it on live CD. Currently I have a system running windows xp, ultimately I would like a system with dual OS (linux + windows). I plan to gradually become less dependant on windows, until I only need it for gaming purposes, if that. I have little idea as to how possible or impossible this dream of dual OS is, as I have searched google and the linux.com site for information yielding no definitive answer.

    Ideally I would buy another hard drive, and install my chosen distro of linux on this, so that I have XP on one and linux on the other HDD. Can this actually be done? Would this form the basis of a workable dual OS setup? Ubuntu, Kubuntu and madriva are distros that look promising, having been recommended by zegeniestudios.net and gotten good press from Distrowatch.com. I can try before I commit and wish to, using live CD. Is this a no risk way of trying them?

    Do all distros of linux require compiling of their kernels in order to achieve greatest effectiveness?

    I run a PC I have personally built with an MSI K8 Neo4 motherboard(integrated AC97 sound), AMD 64 3000+ CPU, Belkin wireless network card(is used a lot for internet connection via router), GeForce 6600 graphics card, 450 watt PSU.

    I appreciate help on this issue, its fairly urgent, would like to be able to know for certain how to go about switching to linux ASAP.
  2. noahawk

    noahawk Corporal

    Yes, it can be done that way. You can either put it all on one hard drive, which can result in two broken operating systems for beginners, or on two seperate ones. Linux requires 2 partitions, so keep that in mind when setting things up. I've installed Linux both ways; I had to get creative for the 2 OS on 1 setup.

    If you install on 2 hard drives, make sure Windows is installed first, then install Linux. If you use the linux boot loader, things should be easier in the end. Be sure to make a boot disk/recovery/emergency disk when prompted in the Linux install.

    I had a friend who had a RAID 0 or 1 setup and tried to use a live CD on his computer and it broke his array for some reason. He ended up reinstalling Windows because of it.

    It depends on what you plan to do with the OS, in respect to compiling the kernel. If there is a driver you want to add or a modification you wish to make, you may need to recompile.

    On the topic of drivers, some distros don't come with wireless drivers for all cards. You might want to look into a wireless driver for your Internet connection before deciding on a distro. Either from Belkin (they might have) or native to the distro. Sound might also require a driver search.
  3. silverman

    silverman Private E-2

    You don't need a RAID set up to use a live CD, or SATA HDs, I take it? Isn't it just a case of reordering the boot sequence from the BIOS and you're good to go?
  4. noahawk

    noahawk Corporal

    Right, put the CD drive ahead of the hard drive, and it should load up itself. I've used live CD's just fine on my IDE non-RAID setup here.

    Just wanted to warn you in case you did have a RAID setup, as it can break it on accident.
  5. Rotaj

    Rotaj Private E-2

    As far as dual boot goes, many of the distros include a partition manager, making the crossover a little easier. Just make sure you back up your data first!

    BTW - ATi video cards and wireless setup are a couple of the more common Linux headaches.
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2007
  6. Adrynalyne

    Adrynalyne Guest

    This is a dead thread. Check the psot dates.
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