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locked folders

Discussion in 'Software' started by CatT, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. CatT

    CatT I can't follow the rules

    how do i get into locked folders in w7? back in XP i think it just gave me a warning but then let me "see files anyway".

    not only can i not do that here, but no sort of right click "open as administrator" option seems available either.

    properties>>security (and maybe >>advanced beneath that) offer me a bunch of "access" options. do i just go ahead and change those?

    this is my own PC and i am the sole user. can i just open them up wide to "read, list, edit, delete, yadda yadda"?

    what's the point of HAVING locks then if s/o can just change them at will?

    btw, where is the "import favourites" option in IE9? not only can i not figure out how to import my FF bookmarks, i can't even figure out how to import the big pile of IE bookmarks i have (in a folder) from my old PC. (in part why i want to get into locked folders -- i figure i could drag n drop by hand directly to the Faves folder)
  2. dave.m

    dave.m Private First Class

    Last edited: Aug 30, 2011

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