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Discussion in 'Software' started by Joey Jiggles, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. Joey Jiggles

    Joey Jiggles Corporal

    Hey guys.. I was hit with a pretty nasty virus a few weeks ago and I am finally back to normal thanks to you guys.

    I have never really posted in the software department, but while I am focused on my computer's maintenance is there anything you can help me do to clean out unwanted stuff and get my laptop running in top shape!?

  2. Goldenskull

    Goldenskull I can't follow the rules

    Go with Advance System care is the Best ive been useing this sense 1st beta they just came out with 5.0 version Its Free too use Be if you want a license it only cost about 25 for a whole year
  3. Joey Jiggles

    Joey Jiggles Corporal

    Hey man, I wanted to say thank you for this advice. I used the program and it is amazing.

    Thanks again.
  4. Goldenskull

    Goldenskull I can't follow the rules

    No problem
  5. mjnc

    mjnc MajorGeek

    The real champ for that is CCleaner
    Be carefull and examine what is Checked on Both tabs for the cleaner and click Analyze to review what Will Be Cleaned/Removed, before you click Run Cleaner.

    There is a very good tutorial video by Major Attitude on the download page. ;)

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