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Malwarebytes keeps popping up sayin 'successfully blocked...' How to stop?

Discussion in 'Software' started by jacknscoob, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. jacknscoob

    jacknscoob Corporal

    Hi guys

    Sorry to be a bother you, but the Malwarebytes keeps popping up saying that it has successfully blocked blah blah every few seconds, its driving me mad. How do I stop it?

  2. _nullptr

    _nullptr Major Geeky Geek Geek

    Go through the READ & RUN ME FIRST and post the logs in the malware forum. What MBAM is notifying is usually a sign that your PC is infected.

    COMPUABLE First Sergeant

    >> Sorry to be a bother you, but the Malwarebytes keeps popping up saying that it has successfully blocked blah blah every few seconds, its driving me mad. How do I stop it? jacknscoob <<

    From the 'official' Malwarebytes site "FAQ" (from within section G; with regards to: 'IP Protection Module' notifications) See: "How do I disable this?" section below to block this behavior.

    What does this notification mean?
    This notification means quite simply, that an IP address has been blocked. It does NOT necessarily mean you are infected, it simply means a program on your computer (e.g. your browser, IM program, P2P program etc), tried accessing a malicious IP address. If this notice was presented when you were not actually doing anything on the machine, then I suggest having your computer looked at.

    I got an alert and I wasn't even surfing, how's does that happen?
    There are many applications on your system which have access to the Net and any of these can trigger an IP alert with no browser open. Most common offenders are P2P applications and IM clients, usually an ad will trigger an alert. An advanced or premium firewall will be able to give you a list of programs which can access the Net.

    I received a notification on a safe site, why?
    If a notification is presented on a safe site, and the site loads, it is likely the site was loading content that is hosted on an IP known for malicious activity. In this case, the site itself will be displayed perfectly fine, with the malicious content being blocked. If however, the site does not load, it is likely the site is also hosted on the same malicious IP address. It is also entirely possible that the site in question, shares its IP address with other malicious domains. IP's and IP ranges are blocked if they are either dedicated to malicious content, or have a higher proportion of malicious content, than non-malicious. So for example, if contains 1000 sites and over 50% are malicious, then will be blocked (and even then, if we can get the hosting company to take down the malicious sites, then even better as we do not like blocking shared IP's or IP ranges if we don't have to).

    How do I disable this?
    We wouldn't recommend disabling it, but if you must, you can do this by right clicking the Malwarebytes tray icon, and unchecking "Website Blocking."

    You can also use the two options in the Protection tab of Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware in order to to disable the website blocker from starting when the protection module starts or simply to disable the annoying tooltip balloon notifications whenever a malicious site is blocked (btw; this last option of disabling those annoying "tooltip balloon notifications" is the one I would strongly recommend in order to stop those annoying IP notifications; rather than disabling the website blocker entirely, as that would defeat the whole purpose of having the MBAM program running in the first place!) :).

    Good Luck! -- COMP
  4. plodr

    plodr Major Geek Super Extraordinaire

    nullptr is wrong. A popup saying MBAM has blocked a site is simply telling you it is working.

    To disable the popups
    1. Open Malwarebytes
    2. Click on the Protection tab
    3. Uncheck/untick the last item
    "Show tooltip balloon when malicious website is blocked"
    4. Click the exit button rather than the X at the top right to close the window.
  5. abekl

    abekl First Sergeant

    plodr is right, don't disable the website blocking feature, just turn off the notifications.
  6. Goldenskull

    Goldenskull I can't follow the rules

    Yep if you are getting a blocked ip message then its doing its job just leave it alone i know it can get annoying with the pop ups but i would rather have it say some thing then nothing.
  7. jacknscoob

    jacknscoob Corporal

    Hi Guys

    Thanks to all. I have blocked just the pop-up.

    It's so easy when you know how ;)


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