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Manually uninstalling "k-lite codec pack"

Discussion in 'Software' started by enso55, Jan 13, 2008.

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  1. enso55

    enso55 Private E-2

    I have the K-Lite 2.69 standard codec pack on my system, and when i try to uninstall it in add/remove programs it tells me there is no file to execute the uninstallation. If someone is versed enough, can you give me a detailed description of how to remove this manually.

  2. billm70

    billm70 Private E-2

    I use "Add Remove Pro" to get rid of some junk that doesn't work in add/remove.
    You can D/L it here and give it a try.
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  3. samthunder

    samthunder Private First Class

    I'm having the same problem (and downloading the above-mentioned program didn't work and left me with another thing to uninstall). Klite codec pack, I installed the basic package and when I try to uninstall it tells me something like "the file "unins000.dat" doesn't exist" even though I can see it in the program's folder on my C drive. I suspect these codecs are causing me occasional blue-screens so I need to get rid of K lite.
  4. oma

    oma MajorGeek

    Try Revo Uninstaller. http://majorgeeks.com/Revo_Uninstaller_d5706.html
    Choose the option on the bottom of the list (#4). Be very careful while deleting the bolded registry items ONLY!! This software will create a system restore point for you as well prior to uninstalling a software program.

    Good luck!!
  5. squeechfl

    squeechfl Private E-2

    Oma, Thank You.
    I searched for an answer to the subject of removing programs that Add Remove did not complete and I found this thread.
    Unfortunately, many users do not report back on whether they had success or not when trying a suggestion offered from these blogs (which would be extremely helpful for others finding this thread with the same issue).
    So I remembered that I have Revo uninstaller on my lapop and I tried what you suggested. IT WORKS!
    I went to the K-Lite codecs that had to be uninstalled before installing the newer version. When I double-clicked on the K-Lite icon, a menu popped up and I clicked on the ADVANCED choice at the bottom.
    After clicking next, it gave me the same 'cannot uninstall' report as before.....however it asked me if I wanted to check for other hidden files relating to this software and after I clicked yes and clicked on Next, it found quite a bit of hidden files that were not deleted. It was easy to remove as the files that were found were shown in BOLD type, and I was informed to click on only the bold files, to make sure that I did not cause any other issues with my computer.
    After I checked all the bold type boxes relating to this software, I clicked on DELETE button on the bottom right....then it pulled up a final box that had those files lined up for final deletion. I clicked on the box next to the top file, and the other files below it were automatically checked. After clicking DELETE once more (It asked if I was sure I wanted to delete on both pages) I FINALLY am free of the old K-Lite software and am able to install a fresh copy. I’m sure this technique can be done for other software found by Revo Uninstaller as well.
    I wanted to write this reply as detailed as possible so anyone that uses Revo Uninstaller will be able to quickly and effectively clean the leftover files when the software is not thoroughly removed. Revo works great, and at the price (it's free!) you can't go wrong. ;)
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