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Max My Speed Program

Discussion in 'Software' started by shewolf, Mar 15, 2010.

  1. shewolf

    shewolf Specialist

    I saw this program advertised on TV and was wondering if anyone here has any reviews or thoughts of it????

    it is by CyberDefender Corp.

    thanks for any input anyone has..

    SW :)
  2. augiedoggie

    augiedoggie The Canadian Loon - LocoAugie (R.I.P. 2012)

    Hi, my advice is 'Don't Touch It'!! There's lots of info here to accomplish the same or better results. None of these speed up programs ever did anything except to lighten one's wallet.;)
  3. brandypeppy

    brandypeppy MajorGeek

    Ditto! Most of these are just registry cleaners, a rather over-rated and easily addressed solution. Use the cCleaner from here at MG for that purpose. As many registries as I've cleaned, I can't say I've ever really saw a difference in performance as a result. Nevertheless, it is a piece of housekeeping that should be attended to.
    But the link you provided said that this software also comes with a free anti-virus!! If you were to download this, there's no telling what trials and tribulations you would go through!
    I suspect that they would somehow and at some point required payment to clean up what they screwed up on your machine.
    As the Auggie said, "Don't touch it!" :wave:wave
  4. plodr

    plodr Major Geek Super Extraordinaire

    All the best programs I've found have never been through tv ads. Ask and forums and you will discover that several programs are always mentioned - those are the ones you want to try.
    In at lot of cases, really good programs are also free. If there is a program you really like and if has a paid version, move up.
    I've donated to SpywareBlaster and I have a paid version of malwarebytes because I really like both of those.
  5. joe65

    joe65 Private E-2

    I was having problems with my computer and did purchase the max myspeed program
    after having come here and reading through the posts i want to thank those that
    mentioned the regcleaner i found it on using a google search and found it helped
    additionally i want to say that max my speed did very little to help me and over time my computer actually slowed down . once i removed the program from my computer i noticed a significant improvement in my computer ( using regcleaner ) what was weird was this . when i first bought max my speed i called them and left a message and was hoping for a return call which i never recieved , yet with in 24 hours of removing the program i got a call , the guy said it was a follow up ( kind of odd that it was right after i removed the program ? ) i told him i removed the program because i didnt see it help
    and of course i got the well you must have a virus or something and will need to re install ect.... i told him that once i removed the program my computer sped up signnificantly . its been aout 2 weeks since i removed the program and the problems
    i was having with it have gone away
    i would not recomend this program
    i would also note : several years ago i did get a virus on a different computer and what it was is a little box that downloaded into thebottom right by the clock on my screen
    it was just a nuisance that kept poping up and in oreder to make it go away i had to purchase a program from ?? cyber defender . the 2nd time it happend i found a free program on the web to remove it . my guess is cycber defender began as company that actually put a virus on your computer and then you if you were dumb enough like me would then purchase there program to make it go away . also those programs back then would say your computer had many viruses yet once you were done you would see no improvement on your computer . so i tend to question the company based on my prior experiances . the only reason i tried max my speed was i though maybe since they were advertising on tv that they had changed there ways .
    what really bothers me is why i got a call from them with in 24 hours of removing there program . makes me wonder if they have somekind of tracking software inside the program .
  6. hrlow2

    hrlow2 MajorGeek

    May have been a cookie snitching on you.
    Like a reverse tracking cookie.
  7. silas

    silas MajorGeek

    Theres been others in the past asking for imput. and from them to this thread. id say stay away from that site. i read many complaints of it messing up someones pc. and i knew sumone who paid aswell. it never did anything good for them. stay safd use mg
  8. pyrouncle

    pyrouncle Private E-2

    As a couple of others have stated, avoid all of them like the plague. There is another that has/is been advertised quite frequently on AM radio. They want you to log onto "doublemyspeed.com" and buy their software.

    I have not visited the site. My standard rule is, any "gizmo" advertised on radio/TV is either overpriced, outright junk or a scam.

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