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Microsoft Word 2000: The add-in template is not valid

Discussion in 'Software' started by Mike4484, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. Mike4484

    Mike4484 Private E-2

    When I attempt to start Microsoft Word 2000, I get this message: The add-in template is not valid (C:\Templates\ScanSoftPDF.dot)

    Then when I press okay, I get a window that says "Microsoft Word for Windows has encountered a problem and nedds to close."

    Can somebody help me? Thanks!!
  2. GCWesq

    GCWesq MajorGeek

    Not sure if these directions are right for Office 2000, but if not, it should get you on the right track:

    You need to look inside Word Startup Folder and see if a ScanSoftPDF add-in is in there. This folder is usually located at C:\Windows\ Application data\ Microsoft\ Word\ Startup (Or if you run Windows 2000/XP or have multiple Windows profiles, look in your user profile or all users for your application data folder. Or, if all else fails, search your hard drive for 'startup' and you will find it.) If
    ScanSoftPDF is there, move it to another location and see if Word launches. Another possibility is the Word Tools menu - click on Templates and Addins, you will get a dialog box that lists all addins. Highlight ScanSoftPDF if it's there and click the Remove/Delete button.

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