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migrating local users on xp to domain users on a windows 2003 server.

Discussion in 'Software' started by morfien, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. morfien

    morfien Private E-2

    hi guys,

    really need some help on this one cause i cant seem to get how something that sounds so simple is so hard to do.

    i got a client with a workstation that has a local user account on it.
    they also have a domain which he has another account on there.

    so i have local account joe1 and domain account joe2. now i need to get joe 1 to combind and merge outlook and my docs with joe2. and then get joe2 to stay on the server so that it remains a account that can be accesses on any computer on the domain network. with this in mind the user profile needs to be saved on the server and the profile can be copied to the computer that his sitting at when he loggs on.

    anyway i can figure out how to move the local (joe1) account to the server (joe2)i have tried a command moveuser but i keep getting a parameter error on there (error 87) .

    i typed it like this

    moveuser joe1 (company doamin)\joe2 /c:\\(client machine)

    please can anyone help me one this :D
  2. jimmy_iz_god

    jimmy_iz_god Private E-2

    prob best n easiest way to do it would be to FAST the local profile to the server then log in with the domain profile and FAST it back

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