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Missing Horizontal Scroll Bar/Firefox & Yahoo Mail

Discussion in 'Software' started by dorilu, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. dorilu

    dorilu Private E-2


    Having a strange problem...When using Firefox, the horizontal
    scroll bar is missing from my Yahoo email messages. Unable to
    move email msg. left or right. :confused:

    Don't have this problem with other email providers, just Yahoo,
    and only with Firefox (v1.5.0.6).

    When using Yahoo email with IE or AOL, no problem. Horizontal
    scroll bar is there. Able to move email msg. left & right.

    Anyone else experience this problem? Any ideas on how to fix it?

    Any and all help appreciated.


    Lou :rolleyes:
  2. theefool

    theefool Geekified

    What extensions are ye using? are you using the original theme for FF?

    Try hitting F11 to maximize FF, does this help?
  3. greenknight32

    greenknight32 Sergeant

    I've been seeing this too, but it's the same in IE for me. F11 doesn't help. What does work in Firefox is go to View > Page Style, select "No Style". It looks awful, but you can read your mail.

    I sent feedback to Yahoo about this problem, I hope they can fix it - and fix the hangs I've been getting trying to navigate between emails, another problem I reported at the same time.
  4. greenknight32

    greenknight32 Sergeant

    I should mention, I tried Firefox Safe Mode, which disables extensions and themes - no help. And I test Firefox nightly builds - it's the same in Bon Echo and Minefield as it is in Firefox
  5. dorilu

    dorilu Private E-2


    greenknight32, Tried the "No Style" & you're right...
    looks awful but can read email. Don't get many emails that are
    formated so badly as the one that made me notice this problem,
    and this was from a company, not an individual.
    Rarely have to move left or right to read mail.

    theefool, F11 no help. Just using the original theme for FF. Nothing special.

    Thanks for the feedback folks. Thought the problem was on my end.

  6. dorilu

    dorilu Private E-2

    Found a temp. solution to problem...

    If you click on "Printable View" in upper right corner, it will expand
    message so that you can read more of it.

    Not perfect, but it helps.

  7. greenknight32

    greenknight32 Sergeant

    Now I'm not seeing the problem in IE, still seeing it in Firefox. I dunno. I still hate to use IE...
  8. greenknight32

    greenknight32 Sergeant

    On the Firefox Support forum, a number of users are reporting this problem, but many others don't have it. Yahoo says they can't reproduce it, it might be the browser's configuration, or try another browser. This didn't start when Firefox updated, though, nor did I change my Firefox setup just then. Clearly Yahoo changed something to cause this, I hope they figure out what and fix it. Everybody that has this problem, send them feedback. Give them details of your setup, and urge them to do something about fixing this.
  9. greenknight32

    greenknight32 Sergeant

    I tested with K-Meleon, which is based on the same Gecko engine as Firefox; it has the same problem. I told Yahoo that, maybe it will provide a clue.
  10. PeteLP

    PeteLP Private E-2

    Here's a fix for you:

    Change your Firefox Theme to Sky found HERE

    That theme fixes the missing yahoo mail scroll bars.

    Some other themes also work, including Aeon and Aeon Colors

  11. plodr

    plodr Major Geek Super Extraordinaire

    PeteLP, please look at dates before offering suggestions. This thread is from 2006! I'm sure the OP has managed to do something in almost 5 years.
  12. PeteLP

    PeteLP Private E-2

    I'm taken aback by, and truly disagree with, your response.

    I had this problem myself, in firefox 3, and then again, YESTERDAY, when I switched to firefox 4.

    I googled for a solution and found this thread and many others, but none of the threads had a solution. Included were many new threads showing people who just encountered this with Firefox 4, and several of which were on mozzilla forums.

    Given that (1) i JUST had this problem, and (2) there are a good number of people who STILL have this problem, it seems to me there are likely a number of people out there who could currently benefit from a real solution.

    If some of those people haven't been on MajorGeeks before, and they find the answer HERE, then I would imagine that that would be a GOOD thing for the MajorGeeks forum.

    Please tell me why you would disagree with that.

    (BTW, If you want, you can confirm what I've said by googling Firefox Yahoo Mail Scroll bars)

  13. greenknight32

    greenknight32 Sergeant

    As I recall, the original problem this thread addressed was a bug in Yahoo Mail. Yahoo fixed it.

    It may be similar, but what you're experiencing is clearly a new bug.
  14. plodr

    plodr Major Geek Super Extraordinaire

    Think about this.

    Firefox 3 was not around in 2006 so you are supplying a solution for a version that the OP wasn't using!
    Name: Firefox
    File Size: 4.88 MB
    Date Released: 02 August, 2006 (5 years ago)

    Solutions for FF3 and 4 do not work for version 1. I'm sure the OP is no longer running any FF v1.
  15. PeteLP

    PeteLP Private E-2

    I've seen many messages on many boards telling folks to search before posting and not to start to start new threads for topics that already exist. I agree with those.

    I've never seen a message on a board telling someone not to post to an existing thread whose title (and descriptions within the posts) fully and precisely describe a current symptom because the thread describing that symptom was too old.

    I have a question for you, independent of that. Given that this exact solution completely eliminated that problem from firefox in various previous versions, (for me and others, dating back to 2008) and given that my extensive search has yielded not a single post from anyone able to define the exact nature of the bug (code wise), can you explain how you've come to absolute certainty that "Solutions for FF3 and 4 do not work for version 1" Just wondering.

    As a retired software developer/entrepreneur, whose products have successfully competed with Microsoft, I can certainly tell you that some bugs can last through many versions, and even through complete rewrites. Even when code changes, the same algorithms are often used. Of course, since no one I've found has described the nature of the source of this bug, we don't really even know if the bug is in yahoo code or firefox code.
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2011
  16. satrow

    satrow Major Geek Extraordinaire

    And both are much altered since Fx 1.5 and 2006.

    We're just suggesting that your proposed fix is better suited to more recent topics regarding current software.

    My usual solution or first test when it comes to Yahoo Mail bugs recently has been to switch versions > top right of the page.
  17. PeteLP

    PeteLP Private E-2

    I hear you.

    And I'm just saying that if someone has gone to the trouble of posting a good solution to a problem he's just had (and other people are having), for the sole purpose of saving such people some time and trouble, it would be more reasonable to get a thank you, rather than nothing more than a sarcastic dismissal such as "look at the dates. I'm pretty sure the OP has found a solution by now."

    Don't you think?

  18. satrow

    satrow Major Geek Extraordinaire

    I'm not sure that pointing something out that would be obvious to many regular forum users should be interpreted as sarcasm, on many other fora, someone resuscitating a thread from even a year ago might be called a grave digger or worse.

    Generally, it would be better to create a new thread with a useful title as a head's up to others that may have the problem. Adding a link to the original thread or post that brought you here should lessen the immediate suspicion against a new poster starting a 'useful' thread.

    Stick around Pete, we noobs can do with some software help from time to time :)
  19. PeteLP

    PeteLP Private E-2

    OK. Good job at diffusing some of the heat on this topic. Point noted.

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