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Missing Network connection, says 'a program' is trying to connect or disconnect - can

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by legierke, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. legierke

    legierke Private E-2

    Hello all.
    I am struggling with a internet issue for two weeks now....cuz i'm lazy and rattled.
    I use a music file sharing program that will remain nameless (SS).
    I have used the new version that has to be DL'd. It has worked with no issues for at least a month.
    Last week I am downloading some songs and all of a sudden all the people on my user list go 'offlilne' and I can't reconnect the program.
    When I go to my Network Connections icon on my desktop, right click to disconnect it says i can't because 'there is another program trying to connect or disconnect.' When I go to my network connections folder in Control Panel there is no connection, icon or anything. I have runa virus check (Norton Corporate) and nothing, virus defs are up to date.:cry
    HOW do I find out what is trying to connect, how do I get back online, how do I do anything?????

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