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Most reliable FREE Antivirus software

Discussion in 'Software' started by anis, May 12, 2003.

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  1. anis

    anis Private E-2

    I have been searching for a good Antivirus software and noticed that AntiVir is the most downloaded software here. I came across the Virus Bulletin website which does not think it is a relaible antivirus to use. I am confused as to which one to go for after seeing the results on the website.

    Any comments, suggestions and advice would be greatly appreciated.

    The table on the Virus Bulletin website can be checked here
    Last edited: May 12, 2003
  2. dalic

    dalic Private E-2

    check www.download.com ,and search for the highest rated there, I personally use pc cillin atm, it works good, gets all those nasty trojans out
  3. Scousetechie

    Scousetechie Specialist

    AVG is the one I use and I've found it to be pretty good, it doesn't slow your machine down like Norton and will automatically update if you wish. Here's the website.

  4. anis

    anis Private E-2

    I tried the AntiVir and it keeps reminding me to update even after I update the software. So I uninstalled it.

    I then downloaded and installed Avast which seem to have problems negotiating the internet connection as failed to update the database file. I had to install it twice since it fialed to install and come up with some error message.

    I finally installed the AVG and had no problems whatsoever, even the update file downloaded without any problems (same connection which Avast could not negotiate on its own)

    I will stick to AVG and unless something better comes along I would not think of switching.

    I thought as a courtesy I should report my findings.:cool:
  5. acejones

    acejones A Different Title

    I use AVG...its the best I have found.
  6. |Robot|Bender

    |Robot|Bender Private E-2

    I'm a big fan of paying for quality software.

    NAV is the shizz and has never failed me in the 4 years i have been using it.

    Its worth the cash for peice of mind IMHO :D
  7. billH

    billH Master Sergeant

    I'll come down on the side of Avast. I've had it on my computer for about three months now. It's very user friendly and the automatic updates are neat.
  8. acejones

    acejones A Different Title

    no offense, but why would you pay for software when you can save your hard earned money and use free software that does the same task as good or better than the non-free software?
  9. |Robot|Bender

    |Robot|Bender Private E-2

    Maybe i'm retarded, but i have a belief that quality is never free......

    Besides, i have used a number of "free" software proggy's over the years, always had problems with them.

    Maybe i'm the guy that keeps the $$ wheel turning, but again : you get what you pay for.:D
  10. billH

    billH Master Sergeant

    I'm of the same opinion, but have found several quality programs that are free and many times they are superior to the "brand names." Avast antiV is such a program--but then, I use it and like it, so I'm prejudiced:D-- Especially after using Macafee and putting up with all their greed-pedal-to-the-floor BS for a year or so.
  11. David983es

    David983es Private First Class

    I'm very happy with AVG, it has very regular updates and it does work. Saved my butt a few times.
  12. anis

    anis Private E-2

    Looks like many folks like the AVG and are very happy with the way it works and updates.

    After going thru a few I have settled down with the AVG which is running pretty somothly and does not slow the system down like McAfee did.
  13. Major Attitude

    Major Attitude Co-Owner MajorGeeks.Com Staff Member

    I agree, BUT in the area of PC utilities, many times someone writes a tool to do something that he cant find or like he wants and just releases it to the public. Occasionally a company like AVG puts out a free version knowing people might want the extra features or simply buy it to say thanks down the road. I bought Counter Strike and never used it because I have played it for so many years, I felt it was worth it to support the product. A couple of my favorite utilities are freeware, yet some of my favorites, like Partition Magic, are not.

  14. DOA

    DOA MG's Loki

    AVG is very good if you do not need more fearures. It does have problems on my system with SOLVIT, the Xcel add-in. Other than that it works as advertised.
  15. justme_brock

    justme_brock Private E-2

    antivir is working great AVG don't let u configure it very well.
    antivir does fine and i haven't had any problems yet.
    sure the updates are big but the virus def. file has 75,000 known virus so thats a lot.

    i would pic antivir PE because it don't slow your computer down. fines virus fast and cleans great. and has a great support form. u can configure it 2 your likeings thats what i like and u can see what files are being scanned as it runs. if i t finds a virus and your alway u can set it up so it moves the virus of renames it and even deletes it. so u don;t have 2 watch it all the time like AVG.

    pick antivir it hasn't failed for me yet. hasn't had any mistakes yet on finding virus.

    pick it u can't go wrong!!!!!!
  16. Cactus.Flower

    Cactus.Flower Private E-2

    Avast Works Great!

    Just for the record, I also put out a similar question several months ago. Folks here recommended AVG or Avast. I once had AVG on my system ( I use ME) and I wasn't thrilled with its performance. So I downloaded Avast and I have been pleasantly satisfied with its performance. I've had no issues with it thus far. So my vote goes for AVAST. It's great! And I'm also using it with Kerio personal firewall, another freebie.......All is well and everything is running smoothly. Hope this helps.
  17. Lady Sleepycat

    Lady Sleepycat Private E-2

    I think I will be checking out avast and AVG, getting really tired of Norton Bloatworks!
  18. billH

    billH Master Sergeant

    as I tired of Macaffee, the greed monster of the world.
    Avast works great and they respond to email questions immediatly (though sometimes their english is a little . . . exotic;) )
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