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Mouse Freezes and High CPU useage... HELP!

Discussion in 'Software' started by Orbital57, Nov 17, 2005.

  1. Orbital57

    Orbital57 Private First Class

    Hi all,

    I've recently updated my monitor to an LG flatscreen and installed XP SP2 (system spec below). At some point either because of that or since my PC has started acting up.

    Turn on, everything seems OK but if you go into task manager and check the processes then I've got CISVC.exe and DTHTML.exe hogging my CPU (hovers about 90% useage) and the moment I load anything else that hogs processing power the mouse pointer freezes (graphic freezes on the page, the mouse still moves but is invisable).

    I googled both processes and couldn't see any sign of them being spyware but found this on DTHTML.exe


    OK, I'm using an LG moitor as well so I thought this looked likely as a starting point. I'd be happy to uninstall the program but can't see how? I don't see it in Control Panel. What do I do??

    I don't have a clue on CISVC.exe I'm afraid, seems harmless (unless I've got a virus masquerading as a normal program), any ideas?

    Please help! There's only so many shortcut keys I know!

    System Spec -

    Athlon 2.4 Ghz
    XP (Home) SP2
    NIVIDIA GeForce FX 5600 XT (128)
    Monitor - LG 1780Q

    Drivers are all pretty much out of the box for the mouse and monitor. Vid card is on 81.87
  2. Orbital57

    Orbital57 Private First Class

    Trying to keep this on page 1 or 2.

  3. snakefoot

    snakefoot Sergeant Major

    CISVC.exe is the Indexing Service in WinXP. You could consider disabling indexing of FAT16/FAT32 partitions (Right click the drive-letter in My Computer and select properties), or just disable the service completely.

    DTHTML.exe could be part of Magic Tune, so you might consider upgrading it and see if the problem is fixed, or just uninstall it completely.
  4. Orbital57

    Orbital57 Private First Class

    Thanks Snakefoot.

    I know I have PivotPro on that computer and noticed thast is on the link you gave. I've also got a background display monitor (cant remember the name 'Forte something') set up that came with the LG software so I'm going to assume that DTHTML is thanks to that and uninstall all but the basic drivers.

    Only issue then is that I have no idea how to uninstall. Neither shows up in Add/Remove Programs. I'll have a look in the program folderrs and see if there is an uninstaller, that and insert the CD and see if any options come up then. If I can't work it out then I'll try to give a decent description here and contact the non-existant customer support system...

    I'm still scratching my head over CISVC. Will sort out my display software and worry about indexing if I've still got a high CPU useage.

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