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Mouse Won't Stop Double Clicking!

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by HasSanK, Jul 20, 2005.

  1. HasSanK

    HasSanK Specialist

    I have a problem with my mouse (and every other mouse I've bought in the hope of solving the problem)... Every time I left click on something it double clicks instead. For example, when I click the back button on my browser it goes back 2 pages instead of 1. As you can probably tell, this is extremely frustrating and I'd appreciate any help in figuring out the problem. I know it isn't the mouse itself because like I said above, I've bought a few mice now and every one has had the same problem.
  2. abekl

    abekl First Sergeant

    Do into Control Panel, and select Mouse. Lower the Double-Click Speed setting to about half way. That should solve your problem.
  3. HasSanK

    HasSanK Specialist

    That's not gonna work m8 because it's when I just click once.... Anyway, it's already at haf way. I'm sure it's a registry problem or something like that. It's not every time I click anyway, it's around every 2nd time I click so the first time it will click normally and the 2nd it'll double click.
  4. belama

    belama Private E-2

    It happened to me with 2 mice I had. It's like if the button inside the mouse was loose and released and push again after pressing once. It sucks but it happens. It was with logitech mice.

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