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Moving XP Program Files folder?

Discussion in 'Software' started by bigbazza, May 29, 2005.

  1. bigbazza

    bigbazza R.I.P. 14/12/2011 - Good Onya Geek

    I want to move my Program Files folder from the default drive/partition to another drive/partition. From C:\...\Program Files to D:\....\Program Files, for example.

    XP warns me that this is not desirable but I would like to shift the folder because of the way I have partitioned my XP drive. Otherwise I am going to have to partition my hard drive again, and reinstall XP.:p

    Any opinions please, for and against. Bazza
  2. Shadow_Puter_Dude

    Shadow_Puter_Dude MG Authorized Malware Fighter

  3. bigbazza

    bigbazza R.I.P. 14/12/2011 - Good Onya Geek

  4. bigbazza

    bigbazza R.I.P. 14/12/2011 - Good Onya Geek

    Thanks again S_P_D, for the link. I'm going to leave Program Files where it is and reformat/partition/load XP all over again. Better to find out beforehand I guess. Ah well, back to the grindstone. Bazza.
  5. martinch

    martinch Specialist

    Cant you have a programs file on both drives?

    just put any new installs in program files on the other drive.
  6. Shadow_Puter_Dude

    Shadow_Puter_Dude MG Authorized Malware Fighter

    When I was using 2 drives, I created D:\Program Files manually and installed my prgs there. Windows isn't real flexible on where it expects some things to be in the directory tree. As far as moving from one drive to another now that could be loads of fun.
  7. Just Playin

    Just Playin MajorGeek

    I'm not sure if there is a way to move it, but programs do not have to be installed in the Windows Program Files folder to run. I have a separate partition that I install all my programs to and I've even installed them on a separate HD on my kids computer. Most installers give the option of where to install.
  8. mal1930

    mal1930 Private First Class

    Him There is a program available called COA2. It has been around a fair while and was free through one of the on site magazine. I believe that magazine now charges. I used it and never had a speck of trouble. My program files are in my F partition and once the program has been run XP remembers the change. I just followed the instructions. Peace
  9. Just Playin

    Just Playin MajorGeek

    Yes. I do, at least.
  10. bigbazza

    bigbazza R.I.P. 14/12/2011 - Good Onya Geek

    Thanks folks for all the replies. In a lightbulb moment, I came to a similar conclusion, myself, this afternoon.

    Being a firm believer in Pareto (or the 80/20 rule) and looking at my programs gathered over 5 years on myW98SE system, I came to the decision that I am going to setup a folder on my "D" drive called "Keepers". This is where I am going to install all programs that I desire to keep. Zone Alarm, Avast, SlickRun, Spybot S&D, etc.

    Probably 80% of the stuff I downloaded over the past 5 years and installed in my Program Files folder, I used once or twice and promptly forgot about them.

    New downloads will be stored on a scratch partition.

    Downloads that I wish to install and try out will be loaded into a folder called "Tryouts" or "Testing", or something similar.

    If they prove worthwhile keeping I will re-install them in my "Keepers" folder, otherwise they get the flick.

    This should keep my "Keepers" folder down to the essential stuff.

    A periodic review of the "Tryouts" will enable me to keep this folder cleaned of all stuff I no longer am interested in. Hopefully this will reduce the number of programs down to stuff I actually use.

    My genuine "ProgramFiles" folder will be kept for stuff that Microsoft puts there.

    Seems a good idea in theory. Will see how it pans out. Bazza

    PS: This should save space on my drives and make it easier and quicker to backup, as well. Baz
    Last edited: May 30, 2005
  11. Shadow_Puter_Dude

    Shadow_Puter_Dude MG Authorized Malware Fighter

    Sounds like a plan, Bazza.
  12. bigbazza

    bigbazza R.I.P. 14/12/2011 - Good Onya Geek

    An update.

    Despite something going wrong with XP which led me to FDISK, Format and re-install XP, I now feel I am getting somewhere with XP Pro.

    All my programs (except those that M$ supply, like Office) are installed on my Programs partition, under "Keepers" folder. Only minor problem is that I have to remember to store third party programs in "Keepers", and not under the default of C:\Program Files, keeping that for M$ only.

    Downloads are stored on another partition and, if installed, are under a "Testing" folder in that partition, until I either "Keeper" them, or wipe them.

    It is amazing how few programs you actually use on a daily basis, compared to how many you download / install / try out / forget about.

    Keeping them in "Testing" reminds me about them every time I load / try a new program. It makes me review them rather than forget about them, as I did in the past.

    Would recommend this idea to others when they are forced into a fresh install / re-install.
    It will also save a lot of backup time, space and effort, I think. Bazza



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